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:dropcap_open:T:dropcap_close:his issue we’ve got two great features for you to feast on!  In one, the current president of the Association for Chiropractic Colleges (ACC), and president of the New York Chiropractic College shares what he sees as a positive change through Healthcare Reform, and the changes that may take place with the chiropractic profession as a result.  In addition NYCC is working with the military to expand the rights and experiences that graduates enjoy as they matriculate through NYCC, take a look on page 22.

In the feature most prominently represented on the cover, we would like you to meet Dr. Chris Tomshack.  Now, many may say, who is he?  Well take a look!  The HealthSource Franchise now enjoys over 300 Chiropractic clinics across the country, all members within an astonishing 5 years of time.  That’s an extremely fast ride!  Get to know Dr. Tomshack on page 14.

From setting up a practice to new options of revenue streams, to practice franchises, this one is bursting at the seems!  Cover to cover as always!





For The American Chiropractor,

Joseph Busch, B.A., D.C.

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feb2011coverThe pregnant patient has so many new experiences that she is going through.  New pains, perhaps new fears of what she should ingest, and what things to avoid.  It’s no surprise, that many OB/GYN’s and midwives like to work with chiropractors to ensure that the pregnant “mothers to be” they see get outstanding care.

This issue, we have a feature interview with Dr. Karen Gardner Bagnell, who specializes in caring for the pregnant patient.  In this candid interview, she shares some of the fears she had with her first patient, and relates how that became the impetus for her to gain mastery in the subject.  Read her interview on page 17.

Another rare interview may be found on page 26.  This one is an interview with a long time teacher of Applied Kinesiology, Dr. Eugene Charles.  Of all the techniques in chiropractic, it seems like AK gets attacked for being of questionable origins, outside of chiropractic more frequently than most, and even heavily criticized by some circles within chiropractic.  Dr. Bill Koch reluctantly learned that there are some very interesting aspects to this approach to care,  with a heavy emphasis on working with the body and its reflexes to effect change.  Turn to page 26 to “Demystify” applied kinesiology.

That’s not all; this issue, like usual is packed, cover to cover.  Turn the page now, or glance to the right, and flip to whatever topic interests you.


That’s all for now; till next time…






For The American Chiropractor,

Joseph Busch, B.A., D.C.

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Who among us has not had a sports injury of some kind?  Everyone, right?  Even the mere aches and pains of emerging from a winter slumber can be the trigger that leaves one incapacitated for a short time, the fruits of re-acquiring the “summer condition.”  Well, believe it or not, Chiropractors have caught on to this cycle, and some have actually created  a very impressive client base treating patients who want to be able to move better, more efficiently, in a way which will subsequently eradicate many of the aches and pains that they otherwise experience.  We think this is such an important segment of society, that we’ve committed this issue to focusing on Sports Chiropractic and Rehab options that are out there.  Welcome to the January, 2011 issue of The American Chiropractor Magazine.

You may have noticed on the cover someone that appears a bit out of the ordinary.  This label isn’t one that offends the man. Dr. Kenzo Kase is known around the world as the founder of Kinesio Taping.  His story is thought provoking to say the least, and an important one to learn from.  Take a look at the interview on page 18.

The website  is up and running now, full speed ahead.  The great features of the new site are the ability to comment on the articles, as well as to discuss some of the great stories you read there in the forum, or simply to search in our archived database of years past.  Register Today!  Oh, and be sure to look for the cool The American Chiropractor Magazine App in the Apple I store, coming soon.

Here’s to a great 2011!


For The American Chiropractor,

Joseph Busch, B.A., D.C.

From The Director’s Desk

So there your new patient is, sitting at an intersection, when suddenly their previously parked car is crushed into by an SUV. Initially, they feel OK, perhaps a little shaken up; maybe they’ve forgotten about the meeting they had later that day but, hey, no marks, right?


Well, that scenario means that the stage may have been set for a cascade of events that all diminish the quality of life that they will experience. Whiplash treatment and chiropractic care have become intertwined as a result of an increased amount of awareness regarding this exact scenario. The office that is designed around the premise of treating personal injury care definitely has a distinct feel to it. The substantiation of the injury is absolutely critical for the court room. This issue, you will get a look at some of the items that may be in the personal injury marketplace (pgs. 35-36) of the well established personal injury chiropractor’s clinic. Each has the potential to become the “Rosetta Stone,” if you will, for any chiropractor in the future; however, for now, when the discussions in the courtroom are what count, they provide the proof.


When talking about whiplash and chiropractic, Dr. Art Croft is recognized as an authority on the topic. He has dedicated the last twenty-five years of his life to whiplash research, authored a bestselling textbook on the topic, and even produced a video, Whiplash, that ended up being nominated for an Emmy…how about that! All that being said, be sure to take a look at what he has to share with you this issue, on the topic of substantiation of injury, starting on page 16.


To further assist in your personal injury endeavors, Dr. Pete Fernandez, a veteran when it comes to the courtroom setting, discusses how you should be presenting yourself, when you’re the expert, on page 14. Also, Dr. Dwight Whynot takes you through some of the new technology with regard to documentation of soft tissue injury, starting on page 32.


That’s not all! Be sure to read this one cover to cover. It has been specially designed just for you, to keep you on task and up to date. Now that we’re in the New Year, 2008, let’s all take the next step. Meet the New Year, rather than waiting for it to meet you. See you next issue, when the feature will be a bit of a mix, with Pediatric Care, as well as Functional Neurology, and a very rare interview with Dr. Frederick Carrick.



See you then,


Joseph Busch, D.C.

Managing Director / [email protected]

Editor´s Memo

It’s our Practice Coaching and Seminar Stars issue! And on the cover is one of the chiropractic profession’s biggest stars, Dr. John Demartini. First, a successful chiropractor, Dr. Demartini has since become a famous inspirational speaker. In his appearance on the DVD version of the highly acclaimed bestseller The Secret, he is one of the featured experts who shares his philosophy on the power of attraction. In his own books, Dr. Demartini teaches how to achieve love and balance in your life. If you were at the Parker Vegas seminar this past February, you had a chance to see Dr. John Demartini as one of their keynote speakers in action. Find out more about Dr. Demartini’s message and how it can help you, in our interview with him beginning on page 14. And, as a bonus to Dr. Demartini’s interview, you’ll find “The Magnificence of Chiropractic” piece which is, essentially, his “Thank You” to chiropractic. You may want to save this piece on page 20 for your own daily reference as a good tool and reminder for all that you have to be grateful for by being a part of chiropractic.

Next, in the “Practice Coaching and Seminar Stars” feature, you’ll find our exclusive interview with “America’s #1 Peak Performance Coach” Anthony Robbins! Having seen the infomercials and books over the years, I’m a bit star struck, so we’re thrilled to bring you this interview and happy to announce that you won’t be disappointed! Find our interview with Anthony Robbins beginning on page 26.

Finally, in our feature topic, you’ll find peak performance tips from eleven of the profession’s top practice management advisors. We asked each of them to tell us the most common problem and solution for your clinic to “Maximize Your Practice Potential.” Find out what they had to say starting on page 34. Also, columnists Dr. Rodger Murphree and Dr. Mark Payne both provide additional practice management related advice in their articles. If you’ve ever thought of working less hours and making more money, then find out what Dr. Murphree’s alternative practice solution is in “Calling from Tuscany” on pg 46. And, if you’d like to find better ways to demonstrate to your patients the efficacy of your care, then find out what Dr. Payne advises in his article, “Building Your Practice on a Strong Foundation,” on page 50.

Also, we have additional feature stories this month. Be sure to read D Fernandez’s article, “Get with the Times—Get Visual,” on page 32, in which he describes a great way to educate your patients while they’re in the waiting room. Next, in technique, Dr. Robert Goodman, gives us an update on the latest happenings with the NUCCA technique and association in his article, “Validating the Truth,” in which he describes some of the events and research they’ve been involved with in doing just that—validating the truth. Last, but not least, Dr. Jeffrey Slocum steps back to give us the bigger picture and to remind us of some goals we need to be setting to achieve chiropractic’s rightful place in the healthcare paradigm in his article, “Building Social Equity to Expand Your Practice”.

As always, there’s much more in this issue! Read on and let us know what you think!

Keep up the great work!


For Chiropractic,

Executive Editor / [email protected]

Editor’s Memo

In this Issue…




With the X-ray being the number one diagnostic tool utilized in (almost) every chiropractic clinic today, it seems appropriate that our cover story this month features a man who has expanded upon the static X-ray to bring your patient’s problems “to life” through the creation of his dynamic motion X-ray unit. Our cover story this issue features a good friend to all of us at The American Chiropractor and the chiropractic profession, Dr. John Postlethwaite, the founder of the Dynamic Motion X-ray (DMX) system. See our interview with “Dr. John” beginning on page 14, and find out how this technology can help your patients and your practice!

To find out more about the latest diagnostic tools available, you’ll find TAC’s Market Review on page 12, with the best and latest diagnostic and imaging tools in the chiropractic market! Then, to ensure that you’re using these diagnostic tools the right way, be sure to read Dr. Mark Studin’s article, “The Real Necessity for Diagnostics and Imaging,” in which he warns, “DO NOT TOUCH YOUR PATIENTS IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A CONCLUSIVE DIAGNOSIS.” Makes sense… unless you’re following the standards that some of the insurance companies are dictating …which, in some cases, are in direct opposition to many chiropractic state boards. Find out more on page 40, and let us know what you think!

Looking at Dr. Aaron Ford’s article on page 42, you’ll find that computerized digitization of plain film X-rays offers the opportunity that, as this technology develops, it soon may evolve into a new clinical procedure to avoid any negligence and to assure a more accurate diagnosis for every patient. Finally, in X-ray on page 34, Dr. Mark Payne gives some tips on “The Lateral Films—Objective and Reliable Evidence.”

As always there’s much more in this issue! In our Integrative Healthcare topic, I’m happy to see that two of our authors, Dr. Howard Loomis and Dr. Rodger Murphree, take on the pharmaceuticals (again)! Dr. Loomis asks (and answers) a very good question in his article, “Are Osteoporosis Drugs Safe?” Find out on page 22. And Dr. Murphree wonders in amazement as he discusses “The Insanity Continues—Statins for Children” in his article on page 26.

Read on and tell us what you think! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Keep up the great work!

For chiropractic,


Executive Editor / [email protected]

Editor’s Memo

It’s our December issue…the grand finale of 2008 is finally upon us! What a great year it’s been!

With our emphasis this month on Technique, you’ll notice our cover feature of Dr. Scott Walker, the founder and creator of the Neuro Emotional Technique (NET). Dr. Walker characterizes his technique as a “supercharger” to current and existing techniques. As the name suggests, NET is most effective with your patients who suffer from recurrent subluxations due to unresolved emotional issues. Interestingly, through his studies, Dr. Walker found that emotions are actually physiologically based rather than psychologically based.

With the vast impact the nervous system has on physiology, the question begging to be answered is: “Who better to address these issues than chiropractors?!”

In support of Dr. Walker’s findings, NET has been validated through several research studies including a recent Randomized Control Trial Study on Low Back Pain through Macquarie University, which was presented at the International Congress of Complementary Medicine this year. Additionally, other studies demonstrate that the benefits of NET are realized throughout a range of ailments from mental disorders, such as phobias and depression, to physical manifestations such as polycystic ovary disease. Another great observation Dr. Walker shares in his interview is that many chiropractors “come with their own unresolved low back pain of twenty-plus years and are immediately resolved after a five-minute NET intervention.” As a matter of fact, TAC was introduced to Dr. Scott Walker and his work by Foot Levelers’ President, Kent Greenawalt. His father and the company’s founder, the late Dr. Monte Greenawalt, had achieved great results for his chronic low back pain after being treated by Dr. Scott Walker with NET. Find out what the buzz is about in our feature interview with Dr. Scott Walker, beginning on page 18.

Furthermore, in technique this issue, Dr. Dennis Woggon makes the observation, and provides the proof that “posterior to anterior thoracic spinal adjusting in the scoliosis patient is contraindicated by spinal biomechanics” in his article beginning on page 34. Also, TAC Columnist, Dr. Mark Payne makes a great case in his article on page 46, “The Crossroads of Rehab and Technique,” in which he discusses that many rehab exercises, when used to correct a subluxation, should be viewed as a technique, and through his experiences, are even better in some cases, than a typical adjustment.

Finally, in our features, Dr. Mark Studin blows the whistle on the latest threat to chiropractors…called “Retrospective Reviews”. It’s always a hot button issue when insurance companies try to go after money they’ve already paid out to Chiropractors. If their auditors find your practice has been operating out of line…they’ll take you to the cleaners. You can defend it, but remember, in most cases the court is in the corner of the insurance companies. Find out how to protect your practice from this latest danger in our one on one interview with compliance specialist, Dr. Mark Studin, beginning on page 26.

All this and much more! Have a very Happy Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!

Keep up the great work!

For chiropractic,

Jaclyn Busch Touzard, BA
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Dr.JPBthis is one month when it’s appropriate, as the feature topic is Marketing Tips from the Masters. The American Marketing Association defines marketing as the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. Fortunately for chiropractic, selling good health is an easy one; I mean, who likes to be sick or feel less than average, right?

That being said, the value of chiropractic isn’t fully understood by the public or even other healthcare professionals, because they’ve never been taught the science behind it, and the benefi ts attainable. This is the bridge that the chiropractor and the public overall have been trying to cross for the last hundred years. Like everything in life, some out there have created more successful and effective methods of communicating this value than others. Dr. Scott Fletcher is one of those people, which is why we have an interview with him this issue. Don’t miss how he demystifi es the “magic” of chiropractic for his patients and their families using state of the art technology in achieving optimum physical health for his patients.

It’s hard to dispute the fact that, in the most technical sense of the word, marketing is the essential piece of information perpetually being offered. By relying on some of the tips that follow, you will be able to rest a bit more comfortably in knowing that the way in which your clinic and chiropractic are being interpreted by the prospective patient is exactly the way that you want it to be perceived. Don’t miss the market profi le section, on page 32, which presents suggestions from 8 leading professionals and specialists in chiropractic. Each of these representatives has tried and true methods for propelling your clinic to the next level. As usual, the information is jam packed with useful methods for you to apply in your practice right away, so when you implement these new tactics, let us know. We love the feedback! On that note, and with spring upon us, be proactive in all that you do. Set the stage for what your future holds; there’s always something new going on for you to get involved with. I mean, seriously, look at the audacity of Blue Cross/ Blue Shield. Chiropractors aren’t even regarded as physicians in their most recent version of the federal employe health plan. I’m no lawyer, but what they’re doing is considered fraud in my book. Oh, and remember to e-mail your local congressional representative in support of HR 484, which allows tricare benefi ciaries direct access to chiropractors. According to the ACA, the plan deadline is August 31. The current market envioronment for Chiropractors and the entire country beseeches the words of Orsen Swett Marden, the turn of the century author commonly associated with the new thought movement.” A constant struggle, a ceaseless battle to bring success from inhospitable surroundings, is the price of all great achievements.”There’s plenty happening out there, and YOU are the difference.

On behalf of The American Chiropractor Magazine,



Joseph Busch, D.C.

Editorial Director / [email protected]


Editor’s Memo

As one year ends, another year begins with tremendous opportunities! In this, The American Chiropractor’s 30th year in publication our circulation is increasing from 35,000 to 50,000* practicing Chiropractors, increasing the size of the “IN” crowd in Chiropractic by about 40 %.

What’s your resolution this year? Is it to be a better husband, wife, Chiropractor, businessman? Well, whatever it is, let’s keep on improving in every area of our life. We, at The American
Chiropractor (TAC)
, are right alongside you and promise to arm you with the tools you need to reach all of your goals in chiropractic this year!

To that end, our front cover this issue reflects the survey results from Chiropractors around the nation of just what it is that you look for in a chiropractic magazine, and the results are in of the top 3:

1) News to the profession

2) Clinical Excellence

3) Profitability/Practice Management

So, this is our pilot issue in which our NEW EDITORIAL FORMAT is launched. It is our intention to fulfill your needs in all three areas in every issue of TAC! More importantly, though, it is our goal to stimulate you to take action! This year we hope that you’ll not only use TAC for your own personal and professional success, but that you will also participate by sharing with us, so that the entire profession may benefit from your individual, regional, state, and national news and discoveries!

To share the latest discoveries in Personal Injury this month, we’ve assembled the best to provide you with the information to become the best. Beginning with Dr. Tom Arnold, who has a clinic that sees approximately 95 % Personal Injury cases; find out what it is that drives him, and how a practice of this type is able to sustain itself. If you’re looking to get into the PI market, Dr. Mark Studin has some pointers from the “School of Hard Knocks,” on page 28, in “The Don’ts and Do’s of Building a Successful Personal Injury Practice Through Lawyer Referrals.” Finally, Dr. Mark Payne addresses the postural components associated with “Science, Posture, and Personal Injury,” beginning on page 40. Jam-packed with great information, kick back, put your feet up, pour yourself a glass of pomegranate juice (see Dr. Dan Murphy’s research review on pg. 20), and get to reading!

Here’s to a Great New Year!

For chiropractic,

Executive Editor / [email protected]

From The Director’s Desk

It’s June already and, man, do I love the summer. Schools out, the kids are always around, maybe the pool just opened up. What does that mean for your practice? Well, it might mean a variety of new aches and pains coming into your office for treatment, seeking relief from the pounding that their otherwise sedentary bodies are absorbing. A good 18 holes is one thing; the following week is quite another. What a perfect opportunity to reconnect with that patient that’s been out of the active file.

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