Anti-Aging, Homeopathy, and HGH


antiaginghghOur patients today are letting us know that their most pressing needs are keeping healthy naturally (solving health problems) and staying young (anti-aging). Anti-aging research has advanced in the 21st century to the point of becoming its own medical specialty. Countless companies are offering everything from replenishing moisturizers to invasive age-defying surgeries. No matter the method, the end result is an appeal to a vast and growing aging segment of the population, which realizes the importance of quality of life in their later years.

The subject of anti-aging is a primary focus as baby boomers age. Lifespan has nearly doubled in the last hundred years. Health experts predict that, in the next 25 to 50 years, Americans will be celebrating centennial birthdays in extremely good health.  As Americans live longer lives, it will become apparent that the quality of their lives must also improve. Both men and women want to age gracefully and healthfully. Natural approaches hold the secrets to making the golden years truly golden!

Homeopathy equips the chiropractor with the broadest therapeutic armamentarium beyond all other adjuncts to correct common health problems quickly, safely, and effectively. The successful doctors of the future will be the ones who are best able to address these common chronic, recurring health problems that plague our society.

The science of homeopathy, with its serial dilutions and succussions beyond the molecular level, works bio-energetically to correct interferences throughout the whole nervous system to more completely activate the proper healthy functions in the body. Homeopathy provides us a comprehensive compilation of our neuro-sensory and motor relationships to the substances of our world.  This information, recorded in various texts called “homeopathic materia medicas” and “repertories” help chiropractors to better impact the whole nervous system.

Homeopathy provides chiropractic a comprehensive approach to correcting the deeper dimensions of nerve interferences throughout both the central and peripheral nervous systems of the body. A chiropractor empowered by homeopathy is able to dynamically correct nerve interferences where the hands of the chiropractor alone cannot!

Homeopathy offers anti-aging and overall health enhancement solutions, such as human growth hormone (HGH), constitutional enhancement remedies, hormone balancers, and detoxification and drainage remedies, all of which safely and effectively broaden the scope of chiropractic. 


HGH is a protein produced in the anterior pituitary gland that activates growth and helps maintain youthfulness. It is the most abundant hormone produced by the pituitary gland, peaking during adolescence in the rapid phase of our growth process, and steadily declining with age. By the time we approach 65 years of age, our pituitary gland is secreting 75% less HGH than it did when we were teenagers.

Homeopathically prepared HGH formulations help maximize the positive effects of natural HGH through a number of advancements:

1. Multiple homeopathic potencies broaden the positive therapeutic potential upon the body. The lower 10X potency works at the more superficial levels of bodily function, such as skin and hair health. The middle potency works more in the realm of glands and organs. The mental and emotional functions are best enhanced with the higher potencies. The only legal way to get oral HGH is in a homeopathic potentiation of 8X or higher.

2. HGH formulas with additional homeopathic ingredients maximize the many other anti-aging potentials homeopathy has to offer.

3. Using a formula with a pure water base, instead of the old-style, traditional alcohol or sugar bases, unites the unadulterated function of homeopathic medicine with the purest base available.

4. HGH can enhance the growth and development of children. In fact, HGH is naturally produced through exercise.

5. HGH can be considered an adjunct with other treatments. While biochemical injection dosages of HGH can cause increase in unwanted cellular activity, homeopathic dilutions and potentizations of HGH can possibly decrease the undesirable activity by applying a verifiable law of pharmacology called the Homeopathic Law of Similars. This states  that, what a substance causes in concentration, it can correct in homeopathic potentization.

6. Homeopathically prepared HGH is not a stimulant, but may be balancing to the body that is producing either too much or too little HGH.  This modulating effect is achieved because the homeopathic therapeutic principles work to activate the regulatory networks to function optimally and create homeostasis. 

Provings of homeopathically prepared HGH have indicated it increased lean body mass, increased energy, decreased excess body fat, improved weight loss and physical strength, improved vision, enhanced sexual function, and improved sleep quality and breathing.  It also relieved minor depression, mood swings, bleeding gums, phlegm buildup, coughing, anger and apathy.

Homeopathic Detoxification and Drainage Remedies

Homeopathic detoxification and drainage formulas dislodge toxins such as heavy metals, metabolic toxins, drug residues, and environmental toxins, such as herbicides, pesticides, and plastics in the body.  They activate the proper eliminative functions to function more effectively and efficiently. This minimizes the detox traumas and maximizes proper function. “Drainage” means elimination. In our case, drainage is the elimination of toxins from the body using specific homeopathic remedies. This is the most comprehensive way of “detoxifying” the body. In other words, homeopathic detox and drainage formulas do something very special: they activate the eliminative functions of the body to work properly again!

Homeopathic detoxification will:

» Enhance overall health in most people;

» Provide results in resistant cases;

» Provide a more complete cure;

» Expedite the healing processes;

» Help achieve greater results with the standard homeopathic formula used;

» Activate further healing with cases that have plateaued, where only a partial correction has been achieved;

» Prevent further reoccurrences of an illness;

» Prevent further accumulation of toxins;

» Prevent severe healing or detox responses;

» Provide results in a broader scope of conditions, such as chronic or even so called “incurable” conditions.

Using properly formulated detox and drainage remedies along with a system of testing to confirm the appropriate formula (muscle testing, leg length check, or electrodermal) provides an accurate and time efficient system to determine the correct formulas needed at that time.

Homeopathy Works!

Homeopathy works to activate our body’s natural innate ability to heal and maintain vibrant health within our bodies. Without the valuable components of homeopathy, other treatments (whether conventional or nutritional) may not correct the malfunctions within the energetic and metabolic control systems of our body. Homeopathy equips us to go beyond the parameters of the biochemical realm of life and correct interferences within the bioenergetic control systems of our body. It gives us the opportunity to experience unprecedented high levels of health and wellness.


Frank J. King, Jr., N.D., D.C., is a nationally recognized researcher, author and lecturer on homeopathy. In addition, Dr. King is the founder and director of King Bio, an FDA registered homeopathic manufacturing company dedicated to completing chiropractic destiny with the marriage of homeopathy. These procedures can be used with any homeopathic company’s product line and are so easy you can apply them in one day. Call King Bio, 1-800-543-3245 or email [email protected].

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