Aquon Matrix®

pr-aquon-pic-2 Since all mineral seawater components appear in similar proportions to our blood plasma, Aquon Matrix® is a daily supplement that was designed to help regenerate, hydrate, and re-mineralize our bodies on the go! Electrolyte balance is critically important for things like hydration, nerve impulses, muscle function, strengthens the immune system and alkalizes our bodies’ pH level.

 Aquon Matrix® Hyper is the first hexagonally structured seawater and micro-filtered in pr-pic-aquoncool temperatures. Because of its structure change, it brings to our bodies the ions that are necessary for a proper nutrition and immediate cellular communication. This water is collected in very specific phytoplankton, rich areas of the ocean. The choice of these areas ensures a constant organic and mineral composition, and the purity of its waters ensure the bioavailability of all mineral elements in the seawater. Only found at Selina Naturally®, home of the Celtic Sea Salt® Brand, the wellness pioneers invested to making a difference in health and wellbeing since 1976!

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