Believing is Seeing


breakthroughlivingbookHow is life going for you? Are you satisfied?

Are the results of your efforts worth the price you are paying? We all face these questions at one time or another. It’s normal to ask them, because they are driven by the images of scarcity we see daily. Everyone doesn’t live in poverty; yet, everyday, we see pictures of scarcity and lack in the world. It’s a painful reminder of our human experience.

If life were as simple as “If you can see it, you can have it,” there would be no pain and suffering in the world. It takes more than desire to change your world. The first step is to be aware of what you want to achieve. If you can’t see where you are headed or what you want, there are only two outcomes. You can journey part way to achieving your goal, and end in frustration, or you can come up short of your potential because you hadn’t first seen it clearly in your mind.

If you were to set out on a cross-country trip with no destination in mind, your only reference for progress would be your starting point. With no end in mind, you would never know how close or far you were from your stopping point. You’d have no idea if or when you arrived. Without an itinerary to follow from the start, you might drive around in circles.

When people say, “Seeing is believing,” what they mean is that they don’t believe anything exists until they see it with their own two eyes. When you believe things must exist in your mind’s eye before you ever see them in your life, you give a destination to your journey toward the life you desire. Seeing before believing is an act of faith and self-discipline.

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