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In an effort to help you maximize all your services, Dr. Daniel Dahan has identified 7 departmental areas in your practice, which need to be addressed.  Each of these areas is being dealt with sequentially in The American Chiropractor.  By following the suggestions given, your office will not only maximize its potential, but also delineate areas of weakness that need your attention.

6. Multitask for Better Business:

Doctors need to multitask.  Irrespective of the size of their clinic, a doctor must be a businessman as well as a practicing healer.  A clinic needs a budget, a market analysis with projections and goals, and statistical breakdowns by department.

• Budget: The clinic director needs to devise a quarterly plan showing expenditures, revenues and renewal expenses (fixed and variables).
• Market Analysis: This will devise a structured fee schedule for all services according to zip code driven usual and customary fees.
• Projections: From the budget, money and allowances need to be set aside for marketing and any other ventures.
• Goals: Timely goals (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly) must be set.  These need to be reasonable and attainable.  Unrealistic goals are ludicrous.
• Statistical Breakdown: (by department)

Billing: January ’04 = $60k     Goal-January ’05 = $80k
New patients: January ’04 = 30     Goal- January ‘05 = 40
Collection: January ’04 = $40k     Goal -January ’05 = $50k

The bottom line is, you must have a well-structured business plan to succeed.  The best part is that it’s not difficult, and, as a multitask professional, it should be easy.  A great venture to start off the New Year.

Dr. Daniel H. Dahan is the founder and CEO of Practice Perfect, one of the nation’s largest management and consulting firms for multidisciplinary centers.  For more information, call 866 67-DAHAN, (866) 673-2426 (Toll Free #), email [email protected] or visit

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