Challenge, Check and Correct the Entire Structural System

Tedd Koren, D.C., is certainly one of the most widely read Doctors of Chiropractic today. Through Koren Publications, over 50 million of his popular patient education brochures have been distributed. His monthly patient and professional newsletters are among the most popular in the profession. He is the author of Chiropractic: Bringing Out the Best in You!, Chiropractic Wellness:  Health from Within, and Childhood Vaccinations: Questions All Parents Should Ask.

Recently, Dr. Koren developed a new vitalistic adjusting technique, which is quickly earning rave reviews.  In an interview with The American Chiropractor, Dr. Koren discusses this innovative procedure, which is “an incredibly specific analysis and adjusting technique that can be applied to any part of the body.”

TAC: How did you develop your technique?

Koren: By accident. I was suffering from sciatica; my wife suffered from migraines.  No chiropractic technique, acupuncture or craniosacral therapy gave lasting correction. Alan Creed, D.C., introduced me to the ArthroStim™ adjusting instrument. I added concepts from Stressology (Ward) and DNFT (Van Rumpt) and some of my own insights with the ArthroStim™. My 30-year sciatica resolved in a few weeks and my wife’s migraines disappeared after one adjustment. She has remained migraine-free (22 months).  She held her first adjustment for 6 weeks–something I had never seen before.

TAC: Describe Koren Specific Technique (KST).

Koren: It is an incredibly specific analysis and adjusting technique that can be applied to any part of the body.  You know if a body part is subluxated or not.  You know if you’ve corrected it or not. You can’t over-adjust.

TAC: Did you test KST?

Koren: Yes, on the most difficult patients in the world–chiropractors. At seminars I’d announce, “Anyone with a chronic problem, after years or decades of adjustments, see me at the break.” A long line would form.  I’d get dramatic, immediate results.

TAC: What else revealed your technique was effective?

Koren: I was seeing retracing, lots of it.  Retracing, also known as the Law of Cure (Hering), is the true mark of healing.  Old injuries, old emotions and old problems were coming to the surface to be expressed and released.

TAC: Were you correcting any unusual problems?

Koren: All the time. I especially learned how to locate and correct the hump pattern, the dowager’s hump (men get it, too) at the upper thoracic spine.  In most patients, it starts to disappear within a few weeks.  There’s also a panic pattern that many people have that needs releasing.

TAC: How is this technique done?

Koren: It’s rather simple: challenge, check and correct.

1. Challenge any part of the body,
2. Check to see if the challenge caused an occipital/mastoid drop, and
3. Correct (adjust). Any instrument (or even thumb toggle) can work, but I think the ArthroStim™ gets the best results.

TAC: How is this technique different?

Koren: There are a number of ways.

1. You can quickly analyze and adjust any part of the body–cranial bones, discs, vertebral column, ribs, sternum, hips, shoulder, extremities (even soft tissue) for subluxations/nerve interference.  You don’t need an X-ray or any instrument for analysis.
2. You don’t need a table–it’s perfect for new graduates.
3. You can analyze and adjust patients in the position of subluxation (often the position of pain or dysfunction). Subluxations often fully reveal themselves when the patient is in a certain posture–that could be a physical and/or emotional posture.
4. You can adjust yourself. 
5. You usually get immediate results and the adjustments hold for long periods.
6. It’s low force–no cracking, twisting or pulling. It’s gentle on patients and on doctors.  For every one patient who “loves a good crack,” I guarantee you there are twenty who are not coming in because of it. Doctors are saving their hands, arms, shoulders and back and adding years to their practice lives. Patients love it.

TAC: Can you give an example of your work?

Koren: I’d rather let doctors who learned KST from me do it:

Self adjustment: “I checked myself when I got home…. My headache went away immediately and I slept like a log that night. Today, so far, I’ve seen eight people and used KST on all of them; they love it! It’s a fantastic technique and this is the happiest I’ve ever been at work! I feel ready to look at just about anything and like I could help just about anyone.” Ralph Mitchell, D.C.

Another great day at the office with KST. “The patients really do enjoy it.  Seventy-five percent reduction in rheumatoid pain, immediate chronic low back pain relief, disc pain relief and on and on. A new patient who returned the next day was so excited she told everyone at her office she was pain free, slept through the night for the first time in years and could breathe freely (I didn’t even know about that problem). I said I forgot to tell her about retracing, dreams etc.…  Her jaw dropped and she described a full night of vivid past trauma and ‘old boyfriend’ dreams. Another one bites the dust!” Don Piccoli, D.C.

“PS. My first patient after the seminar was my associate with her chronic migraines. At times, she’s had to leave the office because of them (isn’t that a drag in a chiropractic office?).  A few cranial and upper cervical adjustments and the migraines were gone immediately! That never happened before…of course, I adjusted myself, my family, my cat!”

Skeptic: “I have seen this patient for a year. He came in this morning and said, ‘Yesterday is the first time I walked out of your office pain free.’
“I was skeptical reading all your testimonials, but the results convinced me. If you had told me this technique was this powerful, I would not have believed you. Your technique has changed everything! Thank you VERY, VERY MUCH!” John Collins, D.C.

“PS. When you start a new patient off with KST they just think that all chiropractic has such instant results. I used to cringe a bit when difficult cases would come in; now it’s ‘bring ‘em on–the tougher the better.”

Superior results: “We are getting so used to superior results that it just seems normal now. Many of the chronic patients that had reached a plateau in their care are now making significant progress forward. Retracing is a major issue now.” Bruce King, D.C.

Blurred vision, earache: “A patient woke up with blurred vision in one eye and had made an appointment with the ophthalmologist. I adjusted his sphenoid–blurry vision went away immediately. He cancelled his other appointment….

“Adjusted a lady complaining of an earache for two weeks. Pain relieved immediately after temporal and TMJ cleared.

“A lady that cannot even tolerate the Activator™ walked out feeling better than she has in months.” Dave Lundquist, D.C.

Six-month-old: “Six-month-old boy with upper GI problems, blood in stool, inconsolable crying, etc., has been through the medical ringer with DX testing, meds and discussing surgery. The ‘at her wits end’ mother brought him in as a last resort. I found some mid and lower thoracics as well as sacrum and adjusted him with the ArthroStim™. The child hasn’t had any symptoms since his first adjustment. I checked him yesterday and today and he only needed one to two thoracics adjusted.” Rick Mabanta, D.C.

Mayo Clinic failure: “New patient. Mayo Clinic told her ‘it was in her head.’ I told her that they were right, they just didn’t know where in her head. 🙂 She came in with headaches, numbness and tingling in her fingers, low back pain, arthritis, asthma, neck pain, fatigue, and lack of concentration. Actually, there was much more, but that’s enough for now.

“When she left, her posture was greatly improved, all outward signs and symptoms were gone, her eyes were the same size (they weren’t before). She and those that brought her were floored.” Peter Cohen, D.C.

Baby feet, back surgery and nothing to adjust: “6-month-old girl who screamed anytime her feet touched the ground or someone touched her feet. Her feet were stone cold. The baby had not begun scooting or crawling yet. Used KST on the baby Monday. Wednesday, the mother came in worshiping the ground I walked on–the baby’s feet are warm and pink, she likes to stand on her feet and she puts them down on the ground; started scooting and began the early phases of crawling–which she had not done to date.

“Another patient with ‘PAIN EVERYWHERE!’ Just hurt everywhere. She told me today that was the best adjustment she ever had, and that she slept all night. Her husband, who is scheduled for back surgery, was with her. He refused to come in because the twist and pop chiropractic had hurt him.

“I told him to come over and sit on the stool in front of me. He just saw his wife’s adjustment, so he said ok.  Five minutes later, he was telling my CA he was canceling his appointment with his MD later today because he didn’t hurt anymore. Now a new patient!

“Regular patient came in today smiling from ear to ear–‘I don’t hurt!’  I checked her and I could find NOTHING to adjust! This is the FIRST patient since my Upper Cervical days that I have been able to turn to and say, “Congratulations, you don’t need an adjustment today–go forth and be happy!” Russ Smith, D.C.

TAC: Is this technique controversial?

Koren: Only if getting results like the above is controversial. It’s easy to learn.  Start using it Monday morning or during the seminar.

TAC: Is there healing for the practitioner as well as the patient?

Koren: Absolutely! You can adjust yourself.  Practicing becomes fun and exciting.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

TAC: What do you say to doctors interested in your technique?

Koren: You’ll be secure that you can handle just about any patient that walks in your office.

Information and seminar registration for Koren Specific Technique can be found at or by calling 800-537-3001. Dr. Koren can be reached at [email protected].

ArthroStim™ information can be found at

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