CHINA-GEL and FAKTR introduce FAKTRx/CHINA-GEL Soft Tissue Therapy Creme


CHINA-GEL STTC FamilyArlington Heights, IL (March 29, 2019) – CHINA-GEL and FAKTR have partnered together to introduce FAKTRx/CHINA-GEL Soft Tissue Therapy Creme produced by CHINA-GEL. Soft Tissue Therapy Creme is an herbal enhanced emollient developed for healthcare professionals to combine with instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) as well as manual therapy. Eight herbal ingredients generate a comfortable cooling sensation and a subtle herbal scent.  A light creme provides excellent glide with a non-greasy finish and easy cleanup making treatment more efficient and allowing practitioners to apply kinesiology tape without wiping or cleaning.

“We are excited about the treatment opportunities that adding Soft Tissue Therapy Creme provides,” said Justin Toups, Marketing Manager at CHINA-GEL, “and when practitioners use it along with our Topical Pain Reliever, patients get results from treatment faster and more efficiently without the mess. Partnering with FAKTR and their network of providers gives us the opportunity to help patients and practitioners with great education and great products.”

Soft Tissue Therapy Creme is available in 2 ounce and 6 ounce tubes that are easy to use and limit the cross contamination from redipping hands or instruments into jars.  The product is available at and and from major distributors.


Since 1995, the CHINA-GEL has produced treatment products that are pleasant to use and help practitioners care for patients in the clinic and at home.


FAKTR (Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehabilitation) incorporates the latest research and evidence-based soft-tissue techniques into a comprehensive rehabilitation system to treat common musculoskeletal disorders and complicated injuries. FAKTR offers a truly comprehensive rehab system that can be implemented immediately in practice.


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