Chiropractic for the 21st Century

Many DC’s are hesitant to do the DCMD model for fear that they will no longer be chiropractors or that they will sacrifice their philosophy in the process.  Is there a way  for a DC to do this and still maintain his/her identity?

Chiropractors have seen the rise of chiropractic philosophy to the forefront of healthcare.  Those practices that master combining a subluxation-based chiropractic practice with a functionally-based setting will become the predominant force in the delivery of non-crisis health care to our nation’s population.  These practices understand that health comes from the inside out, and not from the outside in.

As a profession, we have attempted to change the health care delivery system of our nation for over 100 years from outside the system.  By embracing medical and alternative healthcare professions in a multidisciplinary practice setting, chiropractic will change the way in which our nation has embraced chiropractic as a healing modality.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, chiropractic has been saddled with a bad brand identity.  Through the union of chiropractic and other healthcare disciplines beneath one roof, more of our nation’s population will be exposed to the benefits of chiropractic care.  The increased access to chiropractic care provided by forward thinking chiropractors will contribute to the shift in the percentage of the population who receive chiropractic—from the approximately 10 percent that currently benefit from chiropractic, to the 90 percent of our nation who do not think poorly of chiropractic, but who simply do not think of chiropractic at all.  Through this new model, chiropractic will become established as a regular part of every family’s health-care.

Dr. Mark Sanna is the CEO of Breakthrough Coaching, LLC, a leading resource for personal coaching to chiropractic and multi-disciplinary practices throughout the country.  He can be reached at Breakthrough Coaching, LLC, by calling 1-800-7-ADVICE.

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