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Arkansas Chiropractic Board Fines PT


ARKANSAS:  Until recently, Arkansas had never had a case in which a physical therapist appeared before the state chiropractic board in a disciplinary hearing.
But last month Michael Teston, a physical therapist who allegedly performed “spinal manipulation” on a patient and a private investigator, incurred $10,000 in fines ordered by the Arkansas State Board of Chiropractic Examiners, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports.  One of Teston’s patients claims Teston “popped” her back, and that sound usually indicates spinal manipulation, the board executive director explained.  Under state law, physical therapists can only manipulate joints and not the spine, so they can perform “spinal mobilization” but not “spinal manipulation.”
The state Board of Physical Therapy, however, backs Teston.  The PT board’s chairman states that Teston’s case will have “some huge ramifications,” such as pressuring therapists to treat patients more conservatively, the Democrat-Gazette reports.
Teston plans to appeal the chiropractic board’s order in circuit court.
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Watch your timing!

NEW JERSEY:  A New Jersey man practicing chiropractic without a license was sentenced to probation and a hefty fine under the Civil Insurance Fraud Prevention Act in early January.  Thomas S. Boselli was sentenced to two years probation, and also was ordered to pay a $100,000 fine.
Boselli had had chiropractic training, but he wasn’t properly licensed at the time he submitted claims for services to several insurance companies.  He pleaded guilty on Oct. 28, 2002, to a criminal accusation filed by the Division of Criminal Justice-Office of Insurance Fraud Prosecutor, which charged one count of falsifying records.
The accusation alleged that on Jan. 24, 2001, Boselli sent a claim form to Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield as if he held a valid chiropractic license, when he didn’t have one.

The Latest on LIFE

GEORGIA:  Remember back in December of 2000 when four professors at Life University filed a discrimination lawsuit against the school, saying they were humiliated when Sid kept referring to them as “New York Jews”?  Well, in mid-December 2002, a federal judge ruled that a jury can consider the claims of the former faculty members who contend they were subjected to a hostile work environment and fired based on their Jewish faith.
6 of 11 complaints made in that lawsuit are being allowed to go to trial.  Other complaints made by two of the professors, including slander and disability-related discrimination, were dismissed.  The former employees are seeking damages including back pay.
That’s another kick in the teeth for Life; and Life is mad as heck, and not going to take it anymore!  Finally fighting back, Life filed a lawsuit in early January, asking that a federal judge immediately reinstate its chiropractic accreditation, and seeking damages from the Council on Chiropractic Education for stripping them of their good standing.
In its decision last June to revoke the accreditation, the CCE cited management and academic deficiencies, including insufficient supervision of students in Life’s public chiropractic clinics.  Life lost its appeal of the decision last October.
Life’s lawsuit contends the CCE has become dominated by proponents of a philosophy of chiropractic that advocates a closer relationship with the medical field, whereas Life was founded to promote an approach that maintains a division in treatment and diagnosis between chiropractors and physicians.
The lawsuit says CCE violated its own policies by sending representatives of competing chiropractic schools to review Life’s accreditation.  Review team members from schools in Texas, California and Missouri “aggressively solicited” transfer students from Life, the lawsuit states.  A representative of Logan College of Chiropractic near St. Louis was on an appeal panel that revoked Life’s accreditation. Within days, the chairman of Logan’s board of trustees made an offer to purchase Life, the lawsuit states.
And Life goes on…
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