Chiropractor Charged with Fraud and Tax-Evasion



PITTSBURGH — Federal prosecutors on Tuesday filed fraud and tax-evasion charges against a Westmoreland County chiropractor operating two clinics in West Virginia.

Joseph Yurigan, 60, of New Alexandria, operates clinics in Weirton and Wheeling.

Prosecutors allege Mr. Yurigan made money from procedures he didn’t perform, then drew cash from his businesses and hid them in his children’s bank accounts to evade taxes.

He faces 33 charges of healthcare fraud, four tax-evasion charges and one charge of interfering with revenue laws. Prosecutors seek to confiscate some of Mr. Yurigan’s properties, including real estate and two Mercedes-Benz cars.

If convicted, Mr. Yurigan could face up to 10 years in prison and millions of dollars in fines.


Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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