Chiropractor Sued for Damaging Breast Implant

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA  A judge in Sydney, Australia, awarded a woman $51,137 in damages after her chiropractor dislodged one of her breast implants while he adjusted her back in 2008.
Amanda Jurkovic, 33, claimed the damaged implant destroyed her sex life and led to the breakdown of her marriage, the Daily Telegraph reports.
Judge Michael Finnane ruled chiropractor Paul Hubbard was negligent because he failed to ask her if she had prior surgery or medical problems before “compressing her breasts” against the treatment table, the newspaper reported.
Jurkovic, a beautician from Winmalee, said her deformed breast caused her to be too embarrassed to have sex with her husband and led to their separation.
“She is a young, fit looking and attractive woman to whom her appearance is very important. She is entitled, in my opinion, to substantial compensation,” Finnane said.

Source: Toroto Sun

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