Chiropractors on TV / Infomercials Made Easy

The fastest way to affect public opinion is through television.  Shows like CBS’ Two and a Half Men, in which one of the lead characters is a chiropractor, show that the profession has, indeed, entered the mainstream of American culture… albeit with a less than ideal portrayal of a chiropractor, it’s a start.

So how do you use this mega-tool to promote your practice and enhance your image?  Here are three proven options available to get you started.

Infomercials Made Easy:
With access to CBS Studio’s 30 million dollar state-of-the-art facility, Phenomenal Health offers you an easy way to create your own high quality personalized infomercials at a reasonable cost.

Describe the process for creating your commercials.

Our show, Phenomenal Health, is a national television show done in a 30-minute interview format, like Larry King Live. Before the doctors come out to our studio, we have a pre-interview on the phone where we come up with approximately 15 questions I will ask them on the show. These questions are 100% customized to promote the individual doctor’s specific practice. Then the doctors fly out to Palm Springs, California, to our studio. We tape the show at CBS studios, which is a 30 million dollar state-of-the-art facility, guaranteeing the show comes out first class. Once the show is done, we send a master copy to the doctor within 1 week that is ready to air. We also handle all the negotiations with the local cable companies to secure the best airtime rates.

What’s the budget required?

The cost to produce our show is only $7,900 and we have finance options available. The typical cost to air the show on television is between $100-$150 per half hour in primetime (7 PM-11 PM). It is less expensive in smaller areas and more expensive in larger metropolitan areas. Most doctors spend about $2,000 per month for airtime, which usually allows them to air their show 3-4 times per week.

What results can be expected?

Most doctors get one new patient every time the show airs plus see a 50% increase in referrals. This is due to existing patients bragging to their friends that they go to “the doctor on TV.”

How should the results be measured?

Receptionists should be tracking how new patients heard about the doctor.

Any other information you think is pertinent/relevant?

We also show doctors six other ways to use the 30-minute television show to generate new patients.  They can get more information and see video demos of our show at  We have been teaching doctors how to use 30-minute television shows to promote their practices since 1997 and have helped produce over 500 thirty-minute television shows for doctors. No one has more experience than we do.

Dr. Jeff Hockings, is the C.E.O. of Phenomenal Health.  He may be contacted at 42208 Washington St., Ste. 183, Bermuda Dunes, CA 92203.  Phone 800-914-5547, Fax 760-360-8526 or visit for more information.

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