Complement and Enhance your Chiropractic Treatments

Step back to the turn of the last millennia when chiropractic was the birth of an idea, an experience of the touch of a hand, of the analysis of a network of nerves and backbone. Look now, as we have witnessed the growth and development of this profession that continues to symbolize health, natural healing and wholeness.

Our profession still stands courageous—surviving many battles, much chaos and countless changes to the health industry and that show our ability to adapt, evolve and remain solvent.

Today, society, with its demands, pressures and constraints, brings much suffering to the public who, then, come to chiropractic for our knowledge and skill to help with their healing. We care for patients entering with tension related musculoskeletal problems, repetitive spinal instabilities, autonomic nervous system complaints and hormonal imbalance patterns. We, as doctors, also advise and prescribe to other health care providers for stress, emotional crises and serious mental conditions.

Extra tools to complement your chiropractic treatment

En’ wave is a tool developed to augment chiropractic practices, particularly those which encourage programs for stress reduction, life management, and personal growth. It is an opportunity for both the chiropractor and the patient to take a more responsive role in attaining a greater level of health and quality of living.

It is an integrated, instructional program that focuses on the breath, the direct link to the nervous system. The specific training of conscious breathing allows the diaphragm to bring inspired oxygen and universal energy into the nervous system and into the center of gravity in the pelvis, initiating a cellular cleansing, detoxifying of tissues and igniting the metabolism of the cells. Through this purification process, internal stressors are recognized, aiding in the reduction of repetitive patterns in the physical body. Postural alignment to enhance the energy channels that influence life flow and the positioning of pelvic centering is an integral part of the training to wake up the conscious mind, unblock flows and regulate the mind.

This training enables patients, when confronted by stressors, to self-regulate their own responses physically, mentally, and emotionally, by rectifying the situation with a breath, a stance and conscious awareness. To patients who use these techniques to maintain awareness, clarity, control and inner tranquility, during times of stress and conflict, it can mean the difference between health and dis-ease.

The long-term effects are seen in improved vitality of patients, enhanced immunity and organ functions, and changes to their dispositions and quality of daily life. Patients are more relaxed and engaged in life, and show an increased interest in achieving personal goals and experiencing new beginnings.

Dr. Stephanie Leonard is a 1977 Palmer Chiropractic graduate and has an active practice in San Ramon, California. She is the co-founder and clinical researcher for en’ wave, and can be reached at [email protected] or by calling 925-828-0616

The en’ wave program has been researched through San Ramon Chiropractic in California since 2001 and delivered to chiropractic patients in France, Spain and England. Demonstrations of en’ wave and discussions on training programs for offices and as additional income to your practice will be available during the Symposium, CHIROPRACTIC’06, in the Republic of Panama. For additional information, visit

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