Controlled Emotion, Focused Energy and the Power of Persistence Lead to Success

Yes, I know insurance companies don’t pay what they used to and times are tough. But in tough times we need to reflect on our inner winner, our own toughness. Beethoven rose above deafness to compose majestic music. Stevie Wonder rose above blindness to sing his songs. Helen Keller who could neither see, hear, nor speak for most of her life, yet she carved a place in history and wrote numerous books. Louisa May Alcott was told by an editor that she had no writing ability and should forget about attempting it. The classic “Little Women” came shortly thereafter.


Thomas Edison never made it through high school, yet he saw the light! When Walt Disney submitted his first drawings for publication, the editor told him he had no talent -especially when it came to drawing animals.


We can learn from all people. Well some doctors are moving forward fast and forward in our profession other are looking for a way out? The world has changed and this is to our benefit. The world looks toward to alternative care. The current sickness model does not work; this is the time, the time for chiropractic to take its place. Technology has aided our profession, x-rays first demonstrated kinesiopathology, the ‘subluxation complex’ The MRI, proved what chiropractors were saying for years about the disc being involved. Now with spinal decompression we offer a great result for the treatment of herniated disc. Technology has changed the way we treat and diagnose the subluxation. Kent and Gentempo developed the subluxation station, to diagnose the vertebral subluxation. Visual Odyssey developed the software programs to educate the patient on the subluxation. Cold Laser is now offered to assist in pain. Spinal decompression to remove herniated discs, we have come a long way. Now is your turn to trust the technology. My father always said “Even a clock that doesn’t work is right twice a day.”


1T + 4D = S


+ Desire

+ Dedication

+ Discipline

+ Determination

= Success


Kaplan’s Success Test


Desire = How much do you want it? What price are you willing to pay? Do you want to succeed or need to succeed? DESIRE IS A RELENTLESS NEED TO SUCCEED!

Dedication = How many doctors outside the office is your mind inside the success of your clinic? Athletes train everyday pushing their bodies to the limit. Are you willing to pay the price? The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the extra. Are you giving the extra? GIVE THE EXTRA!!


Discipline =Are you disciplined in your discipline? Are your habits healthy habits? Do you give your minimum yet want the maximum, or give your maximum expecting minimum in return? Do you control your destiny or does your destiny control you? CONTROL YOUR DESTINY!!


Determination = Are you determined to succeed? Will you pay the price that needs to be paid? Will obstacles detour you or will you detour obstacles? DETOUR YOUR OBSTACLES!!


Success = A culmination of our dreams paid for with the currency of desire, dedication, discipline, and determination. We must be content, CONTENT BECAUSE WE ARE SUCCESSFUL, SUCCESSFUL BECAUSE WE ARE CONTENT.


Success is a lifetime goal, a constant source of discipline, determination, dedication. Many work their whole lives hoping to achieve success. The good news is if you are reading this you are probably a doctor, you have already achieved a great success. You have put yourself in a position above the average person. You have proved through your education that you have the qualities of success. But, if you’re struggling now did you stop implementing the formula above? THE ROAD TO SUCCESS IS ALWAYS UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Your degree demonstrated to the world you had what it takes. Well now today do you still have it? Of course you do, you just got lost along the way. Go back to your roots and implement the 4 D’s and you will be back on the path to success.


As we continue t develop our lives in this new millennium, we are seeing the beginning of a healthcare revolution. Technology is the driving force of change and spinal decompression is an inexpensive alternative to surgery, combine that with the healing art of chiropractic and you have a double edged sword ready to fight in any system and succeed. Chiropractic will be caught in the midst of the Obama Healthcare revolution, now is the time to mark your territory. Imagine the cost savings by offering a drug free alternative to surgery. Now you can. There is no escaping the future, success in the future is captured by winning in the present.






The window of opportunity has never been better. Those committed to technology and change are positioned to move into the next century. As the world looks for an effective way to treat back and neck pain, herniated disks, chiropractic is still the most cost effective way. Who is better positioned than we are? We have patiently waited and weathered many a storm as chiropractors, now is our time. Remember, it takes both rain and sunshine to create a RAINBOW.


The time to institute the 4 D’s in our life has never been more prevalent. Remember, “Winners do what losers don’t find time to do.” The formula to success is simple, but following and implementing is another story.


My goal is for each doctor who is reading this to improve his/her clinic just 1% per week, sounds small, but over one year that would equate to a 52% increase in business. The key is if you want more give more, prepare more, train more, this week give me 1% more.



“It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness.”


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