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Build or Elevate Your Nutritional Practice

Offer A Nutritional Program that Focuses On Whole Food & Costs Significantly Less Than Expensive Supplement & Foods.

Any physician concerned with declining income and insurance audits should consider adding some positive cash flow to their practice with cash pay patients.

In stressful economic times, patients are turning to junk foods and gaining weight due to excess sugar and fat in their diets. But they are ready to invest in a program that produces weight loss cost effectively and credibly. For more information, call 1-800-699-8106 or visit


The Clinical Compass…Making the ‘Core’ Move!

Core Products and President Philip Mattison recently committed up to $10,000 in the form of a matching donation. He will donate $1 for every dollar donated by the profession, up to $10,000!

“Core Products will donate a free Tri-Core Pillow to any DC who donates $100,” Phil Mattison said.

The free Tri-Core pillow, which has a retail value of $49, will be given to each DC per $100 donated to The Clinical Compass/CCGPP. Doctors will only pay freight on all pillows earned. Visit or call 1-803-356-6809 for more details.


Pettibon without Technicians Is Like Roses without A Fragrance

In FOUR short, intense days, a clinic can be transformed from exhausting hours for the Doctor to a completely new, energizing team. Learn HOW to hire and HOW to talk to patients, HOW to instruct them so they want to keep their appointments, HOW to take the X-rays, WHAT those marks on the films mean on the treatment card, HOW to use the fulcrum exercise program and Linked Trainer™ and answer questions about responses to care. Come and join us August 19-20. Call 1-888-774-6258 for reservations.


Posture Pro 7

Posture Pro 7 can be used to diagnose Abnormal Posture – ICD-9-CM Diagnosis 781.92, and Loss of Height – ICD-9-CM Diagnosis 781.91. Many customers use Posture Pro instead of re-X-raying to track progress. Reports are in English and Spanish.

An optional marketing kit provides all the tools the customer needs to create an internal external and web marketing strategy. Visit our website, VenturaDesigns, email [email protected], or call 1-888-713-2093.


Nordic Naturals Responds to Regulatory Concerns Regarding PCB’s in Fish Oil Products
by Continuing to Provide Third-Party Lab Analysis

Nordic Naturals announced recently that the company’s products surpass all PCB standards set by California’s Proposition 65, the GOED voluntary monograph, and all international standards. Nordic Naturals fish oils are documented to be completely pure, with no detected heavy metals or environmental contaminants when third-party tested at levels 10 times below the stringent European Pharmacopeia, CRN, GOED and IFOS standards.

This information is available at and Certificates of Analysis are available upon request. Call 1-800-662-2544 for more information.


Insight HDTV with Dr. Wilk Featuring Chiropractic

Dr. Chester Wilk will appear on “Insight,” a series showing the safety, cost effectiveness and therapeutic advantages of chiropractic care and the need for closer inter-professional cooperation. It will be hosted by America’s most well known anchor, Mr. Hugh Downs. In the month of June, it will focus on information on the health industry and chiropractic. The documentary on chiropractic will get national coverage in June, including FOX News, CNBC, TLC, Family Net, Discovery Channel during peak and prime times and one million video e-mail hits which will be targeted at a specific audience. For more information, visit


King Bio SafeCare®RX Healthy Allergy Correction Regional Formulas

King Bio SafeCare®RX Regional Allergy Formulas have been advanced to offer both prevention and correction of seasonal allergy symptoms. The new advanced formulations help to build your body’s resistance to specific allergens in your geographic area, including a broad mix of grasses, weeds, trees, pollens and molds. The regional formulas include Desert U.S., Great Lakes U.S., Hawaii U.S., Northeast U.S., Pacific U.S., Plains U.S., Rocky Mts. U.S., Southern U.S., and Southwest U.S.

For more product information, call King Bio at 1-800-543-3245 or email [email protected].

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