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This month I’m excited to bring you an interview with Sports Specialist Dr. Gerry Mattia. As seen on the front cover, Dr. Mattia is surrounded with memorabilia from several of his super famous and highly reputable professional sports players like baseball player Johnny Damon, and Pro Golfer’s such as 2008 Masters Champion Trevor Immelman, as well as Mark McNulty and Retief Goosen (to name a few). With over 30 years in practice and around 175 professional athletes under his care, Dr. Mattia has a very inspiring and amazing success story beginning on page 20. Also in sports this issue, we bring you an interview with the Tour de France Postal and Discovery Channel Professional Cycling teams’ chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Spencer, who recounts the events and excitement of being on the tour for the eighth time (page 28). Having been the team chiropractor during each of Lance Armstrong’s seven winning years and now his first “Lanceless” tour, Dr. Jeff Spencer shares some of the highlights and how he used his chiropractic skills to help the team bring home another victory in 2007!

Closing up the exercise and rehab feature, rehab specialist, Dr. Kim Christensen provides an easy to use exercise regime in his article on page 16 titled “Cardiovascular Training Among Children”. Also, Dr. Jeff Blanchard provides a timely piece on “Chiropractic and Golf” to help improve your golf patients’ swings and health concerns. And, Dr. Ronald Free has an impressively written piece on “Restless Leg Syndrome,” on page 40.

Finally, I want to introduce you this issue to a new contributor and author, Dr. Mark Studin, with his article starting on page 34, titled “Image, Credentials, Chiropractic and Success.” This article can help you ensure that you are projecting a professional image with a properly written Curriculum Vitae. This subject sounds so simple that you may have overlooked the value of ensuring that your C.V. is well written. Dr. Studin goes so far as to suggest that one of the major reasons that chiropractic is not more accepted by mainstream healthcare providers is a simple matter of the fact that chiropractors have not taken the time to document their credentials suffi ciently in well written C.V.’s, so the other healthcare professionals win out by default. What do you think about that?! Read Dr. Studin’s article and then tell us what YOU think.

As always, there’s much more inside! Plus you’ll find a TAC Crossword Puzzle on page 60 put together using clues from all of the articles in this issue! How’s that for incentive to read? Find the answers and send us the secret phrase to claim your mystery prize! And, lastly, we’ve got the Annual Florida Chiropractic Association (FCA) National Convention coming up this Aug. 22-24th, where you can fi nd and meet all of us from TAC in our booth #308. We’re celebrating 30 years in publication, so come on by and get in on the party! Looking forward to seeing and/or hearing from you soon! Keep up the great work!


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