Five Easy Steps to Improving your Social Media Marketing


socialmedia:dropcap_open:S:dropcap_close:ocial media has taken over our lives. A company website used to be enough to increase awareness, build a customer base, and deliver your message- those days are long gone. With social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ available today, it would be a tragedy not to take advantage of this seemingly unconventional method of marketing. Customers today want to be able to connect with you in a variety of ways, to see you’re active across multiple platforms, and get real reviews of your services from friends and other social media users. The chiropractic business is no exception. Choosing to implement social media marketing will give your business the edge it needs to compete in a generation of “friends, followers, and circles.” Five easy steps your Chiropractic business can take to improve its social media marketing will make it so that you can start reaping the benefits social marketing can offer today.

Step 1: Setup & customize Facebook

facebookSetting up and customizing a Facebook page for your chiropractic business is incredibly simple, and it’s a great way to interact with your patients. Facebook is all about “friends” and “Likes.” As a business, you want Facebook users to “like” your page, which allows you to communicate with them directly. Information you post on your page is relayed to those people who have Liked you, and thus an easy information exchange occurs. Your presence within the Facebook community expands further because users who have already Liked your page can easily share information about your business with all of their Facebook friends.

Facebook is a versatile tool for businesses because of the ease with which multiple layers of Facebook can be created. Multiple layers refers to additional information beyond the normal details of your business, such as address, hours, services offers, etc. Fan-gating and the integration of a shopping page are two examples of added Facebook layers. Fan-gating refers to the practice of allowing certain information, often promotions, to be visible only to users who have Liked your page. This encourages more Likes for your page, while simultaneously creating interest in your business. It is also important to ensure your Facebook and website to have a consistent theme/design and overall message. This creates a sense of unity for your customer base and adds a degree of professionalism to your Facebook account. Be sure all of your information across the various social media platforms, including your website, is consistent.

Step 2: Setup & customize Twitter

twitter2Twitter is another social media platform that has become incredibly popular in the past few years. Setting up a Twitter account is even more simplistic than setting up your Facebook account. The difference between these two platforms is the way you share information. When using Twitter, you are quickly sharing small snippets of information with your followers multiple times per day. These small snippets are due to the restrictions of the Twitter platform, which allow you only 140 characters to relay your message. It is possible to Tweet- the term used to describe a post on Twitter-as many times per day as you desire. With Twitter, you want to accumulate followers, just as you want to increase Likes on Facebook. To make your Twitter page stand out, it is important to have a custom themed background. This should be similar to the theme used for your website and other social media platforms. Be sure to include your standard business information, including phone number, website, and email address.

Step 3: Setup & customize Google+

googleplusGoogle+ is a newer social media platform that is already “making waves in the industry.” . Google+ is based on the accumulation of “friends,” similar to Facebook; however you can then group friends into Circles which control what information you share with certain people. Google +1 is a feature available on Google, similar to the Facebook Like button that allows customers to give you their seal of approval. You want to increase the number of +1 clicks you get to expand your business’ presence on this platform. The likeness between these two platforms allows Google+ to be as competitive as Facebook, making it an important social media platform for your chiropractic business. As with all other social media platforms, it is important to customize your Google+ account and include your business’ standard information.

Step 4: Auto post to Facebook and Twitter from blog

blogIf your business has a blog, and it should, link your blog to your Facebook and Twitter accounts so that every time you publish a new blog post, it will automatically be added to your Facebook and Twitter pages. This is a quick and easy way to increase connectivity between your social media outlets.

Step 5: Add social media links and Google+ to website

socialmedialinksAfter you have set up all of your social media accounts, it is important to add links to these accounts on your company website. It is always important to show customers that you have a following on social media sites, are responsive to your followers, and care about being involved in their lives. The key to successful social media marketing is having a strong presence on a variety of platforms, keeping your information updated, and constantly interacting with your followers.


Joseph Kellogg is the CEO of Chiropractic Marketing 360, a web design  and internet marketing firm geared towards helping chiropractic  businesses grow.   Mr. Kellogg has been in the business marketing world  for over 27 years and is a co-founder of Madwire Media, a finalist for  Colorado’s Business of the Year 2011 award. 855-773-8169  [email protected]

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