Five Ways to Market Your Chiropractic Practice

:dropcap_open:A:dropcap_close:re you looking for new ways to market your chiropractic business? Have you tried traditional methods but have not seen the returns that you were hoping for in your company? Do you need a fresh, new approach to promoting the services you offer? Every business falls into a rut sometimes and when that happens, you have to think of new, creative ways to attract business and potential new clients. 
marketing9Follow this quick guide to learn five new and innovative tips for marketing your chiropractic practice. Sometimes it takes new ideas, and other times it takes returning to tried and true methods that have worked in the past. With a little creativity and good planning, you will be well on your way to bringing in a new season of business.
Tip #1: Create a Website 
If your chiropractic business does not have a website, it needs one. Most clients are going to find you via the web, so hiring a design firm to create a professional website is a worthy investment. A client inherently trusts a company with a professional website, so only design yours if you actually have some professional design skills. Make sure your website is written clearly, has a logo and mission statement, and offers a page detailing the chiropractic services you offer. Also, make sure your contact information is clearly visible on the first page to make it easy for patients to contact you. 
Tip #2: Offer a Promotion for First-Time Visitors
This standard marketing strategy still works. Offer first-time patients a substantially discounted fee for their first visit or two. By doing this, you’ll break down financial barriers if they’re a bit skeptical that chiropractic can help. They also receive a professional introduction to your practice and the services you provide. You can offer this promotion as a downloadable and printable coupon on your website. Just make sure that you’re confident in your business protocols. Otherwise, you’ll struggle with what I call a “mineral oil” practice—new patients come in the front door and out the back due to a lack of solid chiropractic protocols.
Tip #3: Offer Free Services at Malls and Trade Shows
Get your practice out into the public. Set up free stations in malls and at trade shows where you can give quick massages, health assessments, and spinal screenings. Make sure you have a sign-up sheet where visitors can write their contact information to receive future promotions and news from your practice. If you collect e-mail addresses, make sure you include a signed waiver that clearly states that they’re interested in receiving information from you in an electronic format.
Tip #4: Hold a Drawing
At your free services station, also invite future patients to enter their names and contact information into a drawing for the month. This is a great way to promote your business and to draw in future patients. Customers always like a good deal, and you can make them feel like they are getting the most bang for their buck by giving away something entirely free. They may be more willing to sign up for an appointment or two at your practice by doing so.
Tip #5: Utilize Social Media
You may dislike Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. However, the bottom line is that you need social media accounts and you need to learn how to use them to have a business in the twenty-first century. Social media is especially important if you are trying to draw in future patients who are in the teens to thirties age range. People in this age group are avid users of social media. 
You can drum up business on Twitter with pithy sayings, statistics about body alignment and health, and promotions. Post photos and videos on social media to help future patients learn about the services offered at your practice. Begin following the people who “like” you on social media and gather your very own online audience to serve as your fan base that will promote you to their friends on social media channels as well.
Keep this guide of five quick and easy tips for marketing your chiropractic practice with you as you develop your new marketing plan. Promoting any kind of practice is hard work, but with a little effort and creativity, you can market your chiropractic practice and draw in even more new patients before you know it. 
Remember to continue doing what has worked well in the past, but do not be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and utilize technology to promote new business and win over a younger audience. Let potential patients know about the great services you offer by being strategic with your marketing plan. Little steps along the way can lead to a huge impact on your profits and future returns.

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