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:dropcap_open:T:dropcap_close:here are now 12 million cancer survivors in the United States according to the most recent statisticspresented by the CDC.  Although many go on to live with no side effects, some of them experience agonizing side effects associated with peripheral neuropathy as a result of their Chemotherapy Treatments.  Dr. John Hayes has become

april2011cover2an expert on just this topic.  Flip to page 14 now, to read how he’s been helping this demographic that is so in need of relief.

Assisting with the survivors is not the only way chiropractors can help though.  Turn to page 24 to take a look at what the Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been doing through the addition of Chiropractic and other integrative measures to their treatment programs.  This inspiring work from the people on the front lines of Cancer treatment is shared through the article  “The Role of Chiropractic in an Integrative Setting.”


In times of crisis, economic or otherwise, one should always be on their toes for subversive tactics being used by “well meaning” people.  I think it is safe to say, the United States, and specifically the healthcare delivery system, and the insurance industry are in a state of crisis.  Dr. Stu Hoffman lays out very clearly what you should be on your toes for, beginning on page 20, in his article “The Professional Liability Risk Dynamic.”

Packed like always, from cover to cover, from debates on the validity of the Cobb Angle (p.40) to Chiropractic being the key to electing the 46th President (p.36), this one is a Gem!

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