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:dropcap_open:I:dropcap_close:f you’re going to do something, do it right, right? That’s exactly what Steve Yeoman, D.C.  


tells you how to do, with the article, “The Critical Piece for Quality Documentation”.  This article is a quick overview of what you need and why, when it 

comes to Outcomes Assessment tools.  Don’t miss this opportunity to expand what you are doing in practice, for yourself, and your patients found on page 28.

As chiropractors, many of you Docs out there identify yourselves as experts in posture.  This issue, we’ve got perspectives from three of the profession’s experts on this very topic, starting with an analysis of the impact that the condition of scoliosis has on those diagnosed with it, brought to you by Josh Woggon, D.C., and Glenn Robinson, D.C., of the CLEAR Institute on page 14.  Dr. Burl Pettibon’s summary of the “why” when considering the reality facing many chiropractors out there of non-permanent subluxation correction may introduce new concepts to some of you, on page 18.  Wrap it all up with the interview of  Deed Harrison, D.C., of Chiropractic Biophysics on page 54.  That’s right, we’ve got’em all.

If that’s not enough, Dr. Dan Murphy has something that will raise everyone’s attention level a couple of decibels.  Turn to page 50, for his review of the literature relating vertebrobasilar ischemia with auto accidents.

Read this one, like you read every other, cover to cover.  Be sure to pick up the phone, and call our sponsors if you happen to find something that interests you, mention you saw it in The American Chiropractor Magazine!


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