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feb2011coverThe pregnant patient has so many new experiences that she is going through.  New pains, perhaps new fears of what she should ingest, and what things to avoid.  It’s no surprise, that many OB/GYN’s and midwives like to work with chiropractors to ensure that the pregnant “mothers to be” they see get outstanding care.

This issue, we have a feature interview with Dr. Karen Gardner Bagnell, who specializes in caring for the pregnant patient.  In this candid interview, she shares some of the fears she had with her first patient, and relates how that became the impetus for her to gain mastery in the subject.  Read her interview on page 17.

Another rare interview may be found on page 26.  This one is an interview with a long time teacher of Applied Kinesiology, Dr. Eugene Charles.  Of all the techniques in chiropractic, it seems like AK gets attacked for being of questionable origins, outside of chiropractic more frequently than most, and even heavily criticized by some circles within chiropractic.  Dr. Bill Koch reluctantly learned that there are some very interesting aspects to this approach to care,  with a heavy emphasis on working with the body and its reflexes to effect change.  Turn to page 26 to “Demystify” applied kinesiology.

That’s not all; this issue, like usual is packed, cover to cover.  Turn the page now, or glance to the right, and flip to whatever topic interests you.


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