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C1_TAC_Vol34No02_144xChildren and mothers are two demographics that are the cornerstone of many, not all chiropractic clinics.  The influence produced through caring for babies, infants, and pregnant mothers via chiropractic adjustments has yet to be fully measured, and accepted in the “scientific community.”  To the Chiropractors who choose this field as a specialty area, the effect is clear, and profound.

It’s always an important consideration, when treating any patient, to first know the risks that may be present, no matter how old or young the patient.  Occasionally, some require more documentation, as Dr. Stuart Hoffman so clearly explains in his article on page 58, with a firm emphasis on communication.

On another subject, but still important to pay attention to, and a very interesting read, Dr. Mark Studin details what he’d like to see with regard to preventing IME and peer review abuse, read the valuable perspective he brings forth on page 20.

With plenty of news and information necessary for your success in chiropractic and life, cover to cover, this will certainly be a fun read.


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