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C1 TAC Vol34No07 144xIt’s hot in the summer!

This summer, be sure to cheer on the Team USA Water Polo team, and fellow D.C., Dr. Terry Schroeder, as they go for the gold in London! We’ve interviewed Dr. Schroeder in the past, and were able to catch up with him this year, so that he could give us an idea of how the team was developing. Don’t miss this inspiring Q & A on page 14.

Of course, treating Olympians is different than what many of you do on a daily basis. Many out there treat patients for insurance companies, or as part of a Workers Compensation relationship. There are groups who have been working tirelessly to accumulate information that may be used to explain the benefits that chiropractors offer their patients. One group that has been doing this is the Council on Chiropractic Guidelines and Practice Parameters (CCGPP). See p.20 for Dr. Tom Augats summary of the process that went into the development of the council, and the parameters that the CCGPP adheres to in the creation of these guidelines, as well as what their use is designed for, as Dr. Augat works to dispel some of the myths that he’s noted circulating through the profession.

A very relevant review of the literature, considering the efforts of the CCGPP, is also available through Dr. Mark Studin’s, and Dr. William Owen’s research review regarding the recurrence of back pain in non complicated and complex cases, which begins on page 46, and compares allopathic care to chiropractic. This review has plenty of numbers as well as plenty of eyebrow raising statistics.

That’s not all, glance to the right for the entire menu, and be sure to enjoy your summer!

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Joseph Busch, D.C.
Managing Director
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