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C1 TAC Vol34No06 144xWelcome back colleagues, we have a great issue in store for you, featuring Obesity.

The obese patient is at a heightened risk for having subluxations and experiencing obesity’s sequelae, which include degenerative disc disease and arthritic conditions, among other things.  The impact that obesity has on patients is not only functional, interrupting efficient spinal mechanics, it also contributes to psychological and hormonal problems that are a consequence of metabolic processes gone awry.  The doctor that is able to successfully manage obesity will be the winner in the battle of getting patients happily and successfully back out into their environment.  For the patient, this means a reduction in the use of pharmaceuticals to manage conditions that are associated with obesity, and diminished use of, or complete elimination of, pain medications.

Take this opportunity to read an interview with the CEO of Dr.’s Goldmine, Todd Singleton, D.C. , who specializes in running a successful weight-loss practice.  It’s a company with a bold name, and with that comes serious responsibility.  Please take this opportunity to read about his thoughts on insurance reimbursement, patient management, and what the obesity problem can mean for your clinic. 

Also inside is a wealth of information, from new technologies to practice management strategies, tailored specifically for you!  Just glance to the right for a summary.

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