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Welcome to the pages of The American Chiropractor Magazine! This month we plan on blowing your mind with current perspectives in treating patients using methods of Postural Rehabilitation, combined with chiropractic to achieve the most drastic, and apparent changes in the structure of the human frame. That’s why we sent TAC correspondent interviewer Dr. Bill Koch to catch up with Dr. Dennis Woggon, on the front lines, to report on his progress, treating the most dramatic manifestation of postural distortions, in the battle against scoliosis through his work with the CLEAR Institute beginning on page 16.

We’ve coupled this issue with some phenomenal pointers to cover for the courtroom. Don’t miss Dr. Mark Studin’s article on page 38, in which he summarizes very important factors to be aware of before submitting your patient narrative. Also, a very special review of the Medicare Demonstration Project is on page 48, Dr. Ron Short reveals that chiropractic was able to reduce costs in 4 of the 5 areas, in which it was tested, however the Chicago area made sharp increases in expenses to the Medicare program, nullifying the overall cost reduction.

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