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C1 TAC Vol34No09 144xChiropractic adjusting instruments have come a long way from their beginning. The first revolutionary advance in the execution of a consistent chiropractic adjustment, through an adjusting instrument came through Dr. Arlan Fuhr’s first Activator instrument, being submitted to registration and achieving FDA approval back in 1976.  This year Activator is introducing the fifth version of their instrument, making it an appropriate time to honor their 45 year history. Take a look at “The History of  Activator Instrument Adjusting” beginning on page 36.
Another aspect of chiropractic that has undergone quite a bit of change is the use of detoxification in practice. Over the last 20 years, the goals, and metabolic processes associated with Phase I and Phase II detox in the liver have become very well understood. Lynn Toohey, D.C. does a marvelous job of concisely explaining what you should be interested in achieving to optimize liver function during detox on page 16.
This issue, the feature topic is Marketing.  What issue featuring Marketing would be complete without a thorough dissection of the current best practices in building an online presence? Don’t miss Sylvia Martin’s article “The 7 Online Channels Patients Use to Find a Chiropractor” on page 22. The internet has changed the way marketing is done, and it’s important that you take advantage of all that it has to offer.

Joseph Busch, D.C.
Managing Director
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