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C1 TAC Vol34No10 144xUnclear about what their insurance will cover, many potential patients are skeptical of what going to the chiropractor actually means for them. The recent overhaul of the National Healthcare System has only complicated the patient obligation to the practitioner, and some chiropractors have decided to spurn the system entirely and seek different methods for accounts payable. The patient obligation for payment—and their understanding of this obligation—is complex, given the paradigm that insurance companies have created. We’ve got an entire issue committed to bringing several of the best references to your doorstep to help you get paid for what you do, while being completely legal and fair to the patient. The feature topics for this issue are “Working with Insurance to Get Paid” as well as “Cash Practice Optimization.”
Part of the struggle for the chiropractor, and the chiropractic profession, has been to create an environment in which a patient walking into a chiropractic clinic for the first time has an open mind.  Chiropractors are still feeling the effects today of the various attempts to eliminate the profession entirely, originating within the AMA and fully exposed through the Wilk trial in the 1980s. Finally, after all these years, this story will be told in a film entitled Doctored, soon to be released nationwide. Please flip to page 12 to read about some of the responses to the first viewing of the film, as well as where you can see the premiere of Doctored across the United States.


Joseph Busch, D.C.
Managing Director

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