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C1 TAC Vol34No08 144xThe chiropractic adjustment is a powerful tool for achieving health optimization, there’s no doubt about that one. With improving technology, a more clear understanding of underlying biomechanics has brought with it new questions.  One of these questions is how to deal with vertebral subluxation, and a herniated disc. Well, John Fiore, D.C. is not afraid to jump into this debate, regarding what could be a new paradigm for chiropractic.  Read this interesting editorial on page 14.
When you went to Chiropractic school, did you realize that you were going to be a business owner?  I would imagine about half out there respond that they were only interested in helping patients feel better.  Well, you can only help patients if you can afford to keep your doors open.  If you would like some inspiring words on how YOU can succeed as an entrepreneur, read the article authored by Tom Owen, III, on page 44.
Also this month, don’t miss the exclusive interview with Patrick Gentempo, D.C. This year, Dr. Gentempo has made news because he’s chosen to move in a different direction, after so many years leading the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance. Dr. Gentempo assures that the CLA leadership is in capable hands, with David Fletcher, D.C. at the helm though. Never one to slow down, Patrick is looking for more trails to blaze, read his plans in this in depth interview, beginning on page 48.
This issue is action packed from start to finish, from research reviews, to perspectives on including nutritional supplementation, it’s literally bursting at the seams.

Joseph Busch, D.C.
Managing Director
The American Chiropractor Magazine

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