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C1 TAC Vol34No11 144xThe pursuit of good health through natural means is nothing new.  This expertise has become a sub-specialty in healing only recently.   Economic and social levers have catapulted the delivery of healthcare to be almost exclusively engineered through hospitals, which along with it, brings a monopolistic economy of its own, including the judicious use of pharmaceuticals and vaccinations.  In the face of this uninviting business climate, and in the midst of severe economic uncertainty, globally, there are warriors committed to eradicating what ails their patients through not only the highly specialized and specific chiropractic adjustment, but also through nutritional modifications and recommendations on lifestyle issues, herbs, and homeopathic remedies.  Simply glance to the right for a veritable buffet of articles covering the entire spectrum of Natural Alternatives to Prescription Medications, the feature this issue.
You may notice the front cover of this month’s issue depicts some of the most innovative apps available for chiropractors in the Apple iStore.  This method of educating patients and clinic management has transformed the way patients learn, and chiropractors store information.  Don’t miss this interesting story on Apple & chiropractic, beginning on page 16.
One last thing to look forward to in 2013, The American Chiropractor Magazine will be introducing a new supplemental magazine directed to the unsung clinic hero, titled The Chiropractic Assistant!  If you would like to contribute editorial, or if you have a story to share about your CA, please send it to [email protected]  We love all the stories we’ve been getting, and look forward to yours!

Joseph Busch, D.C.
Managing Director

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