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With the passage of National Healthcare Reform on March 21, 2010, by the House of Representatives, Chiropractors opting to work with Medicare are going to need to be able to interact with their medical counterparts on a very regular basis, in language that each understands. One individual that is ensuring graduating Chiropractors are given the fundamental basics to be able to interact on such a level is Dr. Richard Brassard, of the Texas College of Chiropractic. Like the title of his interview conveys, a broad base of knowledge is what will equip graduates of TCC with the tools to succeed well into the future, don’t miss his interview on page 12.

Those same graduates had best be sure that they know exactly what they are doing, as well as why they are doing it, because, as Dr. Stuart Hoffman shares, potential obstacles to having a long successful practice presence are the state boards, other chiropractors, and the educating platform of the internet. Read all he has to say about the matter on page 22.

Don’t miss the profile of Malpractice insurance companies on page 16. Choose yours wisely!

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Joe Busch, D.C.

Managing Director

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