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C1 TAC Vol35No02 144xApplying chiropractic adjustments to children has immeasurable effects on the trajectory of the child receiving care.  The impact of a fully functioning nervous system on a “damaged child” has an immediate effect, creating a “brighter” patient, as described to me personally in a conversation with Bobby Doscher, DC, in the recent Parker Las Vegas Seminar, at the Rio Hotel.  Bobby was there to receive another award for the work that she has done over the 30 years that she has invested her life in, with the Oklahaven Children’s Chiropractic Center. Please read the profile on page 44 to learn about her inspiring life.

Also this issue, renowned ADHD expert Edward Hallowell, M.D. returns to the pages, with Kira Bailey, DC to explain the Shine for Doctors protocol of dealing with the underlying risk factors of kids with ADHD, with the goal of creating a healthier child.  To review the Shine Protocol for caring for kids with ADHD, flip to page 32

That’s not all this issue.  Ground breaking articles on burst training, by Josh Axe, DC, on page 40, and Fascial Manipulation technique by widely known Warren Hammer, DC  on page 48, make this issue a treasure trove of information.

Don’t miss next issue, which will include the first ever issue of The Chiropractic Assistant, as well as a comprehensive analysis of the risks and benefits of being associated with being part of a Franchise.

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Joseph Busch, DC

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