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C1 TAC Vol35No05 144x
C1 TAC Vol35No05 144xThe chain of structural effects as one subluxated vertebra interacts with another, thereby influencing head position, shoulder tilt, hip sway, amongst other things may be regarded as the most easily appreciated visual proof of the effect of an individual, and multiple subluxations.  
In this issue, The American Chiropractor interviews Dr. Tim Maggs. Dr. Maggs proudly presents the Structural Management® program which he has introduced to the folks at the Christian Brothers Academy. Please flip to page 18 to read how Dr. Maggs is changing the lives of the student athletes that would otherwise have to suffer the consequences of inefficient biomechanics.
In another interview with one chiropractic personality that has been a life long learner, Dr. Kevin Jardine expresses how his interpretation of chiropractic is that it is much more than simply “eliciting an audible click in a patient”. Read more about Dr. Kevin Jardine, the co-creator of SpiderTech tape on page 30.  
This issue is literally packed full, like always. You’ll find outstanding information on improving your patients’ posture from the likes of Dr. Dennis Woggon, as well as Dr. Jon Pettibon, and even learn the key to exploding your personal injury practice from Dr. Mark Studin. That’s not all! Glance to the right to see what suits your needs, and as always, read this one cover to cover.
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Joseph Busch, D.C.

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