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C1 TAC Vol35No07 144x
C1 TAC Vol35No07 144xEven though chiropractic has been around over one hundred years, there are still a handful of chiropractors out there that studied under the earliest chiropractic professors. These chiropractors, living bridges to the roots of the profession itself, have had a far reaching influence into what is considered modern day chiropractic. Read what Dr. Dick Versendaal has to say about his past, and present, celebrating 76 years of life, in this exclusive Q and A, on page 18.
Also this issue, Dr. Mark Studin presents a breakdown of the collections of personal injury practices by state, for 2010, versus 2012.  The results are sure to surprise you. Flip to page 32 to learn more.
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Joseph Busch, D.C.

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