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C1 TAC Vol35No09 144xThe metamorphosis that health records have undergone with the development of various computer programs has been transformative for the modern chiropractic practice. With this progress, several companies have developed a broad influence across the profession, while using their leveraged, software based platforms, to create new opportunities  that enable the chiropractic clinic to succeed.  Take this opportunity to learn the ChiroTouch story, emerging as a dominant force in Chiropractic software in less than a decade. Flip to page 20
Remember the era when decompression tables were the rage in chiropractic?  Well, they still are in some highly specialized clinics, catering to patients suffering from acute symptomatology associated with a herniated disc, and even in some degenerative disc patients. Recently, Parker University unveiled a certification program for D.C.’s interested in earning a certificate to justify their expertise in this still, relatively young niche of manual therapy treatment.  Read Dr. Kaplan’s article on page 30.
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