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This March issue of The American Chiropractor has plenty for every doctor in the field. One area that has been buzzing throughout the profession is the explosive growth, realized by several groups, one of which is considered a franchise, all within a few short years. You may have one in your market soon, if you don’t already. What’s the appeal? Find out on pages 14-20.

If you have a practice, and you’re wondering how to value it, Dr. Kraus has that issue solved for you. Turn to page 32 to understand more of how banks look at what you’ve built, and how to make your clinic look more attractive, and profitable for the potential buyer.

Not selling, just opening a practice? Don’t miss Miles Bodzin’s D.C.’s essentials to practice success on page 26.

Like always, this issue is jam packed with career altering wisdom, so get to reading…cover to cover.

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Joe Busch, DC

Managing Director

The American Chiropractor Magazine

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