Gaining Balance


breakthroughlivingbookI’ve learned some strategies that have helped me simplify my own life and gain more balance. Look for opportunities to apply them to your circumstances.

It is perfectly acceptable to say, “No.” If you are constantly telling others and yourself that you are too busy, then you probably are! Why are you so busy anyway? Living with intention means that the tasks that occupy your time and attention benefit you in the ways you would like. Learn to say, “No,” gracefully, when an activity is not in your or your family’s best interest. If the activity will get in the way of your personal relationships, compete with your own commitments, or take away from the free time you have to yourself, just say, “No.”

Plan ahead. Look at your typical day and reconsider every aspect of it. When you pre-plan the next day’s activities, you can begin each day without stress or dread. If you have several pressing commitments in the morning, do what you can the night before. Leave yourself big, easy-to-read, reminder notes in obvious places. The bathroom mirror is a prime location!

Once this process is complete, the next step is to manage your time. Practice the art of self-discipline. If this doesn’t come easily for you, determination will carry you through. The key is to schedule your day the night prior and attack your most pressing work first. Prioritize and stick to it!

This article is excerpted from Breakthrough Living, A Journey of Hope & Healing, a new book by Dr. Mark Sanna. Telephone 1-800-723-8423 to purchase your copy and to learn more about Breakthrough Coaching


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