Getting Serious About Wellness: Integrative Health Care that Works

Cardiovascular Disease

Our value as practitioners and as a profession is directly proportional to our ability to help sick people become well. The “Serious about Wellness” series will provide you, the chiropractor, with the cutting edge tools to be a leader in the next trillion-dollar, mega industry of wellness care.

There’s a lot of talk today about wellness care. However, talk is cheap, if it’s not backed up with real substance.  Nothing speaks louder and increases your value as a doctor more than helping people overcome the most serious health problems on the planet.  Number one on our list is cardiovascular disease (CVD).

50 percent of all heart attack victims do not show abnormalities relating to traditional blood markers for CVD. There is still much confusion and controversy surrounding the current management, care and cause of CVD.
Safe, natural, and effective products and procedures are readily available to significantly help people, both proactively and preventively, with this #1 killer on the planet. Although tackling cardiovascular conditions is not for the faint-hearted or casual practitioner that only occasionally dabbles, it is not as difficult or risky as it may, at first, seem.

The key to safely and successfully helping people with the cardiovascular conditions of today is offering more functional approaches that are complementary adjuncts to standard medical protocols, rather than alternatives.  The practicality and efficacy of natural homeopathic approaches offer better results that safely cooperate well with standard medical procedures, benefiting both patient and practitioner including:

• No side effects
• No known negative drug interactions
• Non-addictive
• Hypo-allergenic
• No contraindications

With the speed and detail of today’s information networks, the problems of allopathic drugs and certain surgeries are being exposed at an accelerating rate. This continuum of exposure will drive both patients and practitioners toward safer, more functional solutions. The combined synergistic benefits of natural solutions, such as chiropractic, homeopathy, nutrition, diet, herbs and lifestyles, are getting their opportunity to rightfully shine and take their significant role in our new health care system development.

The research that is coming out in natural approaches continues to be progressively more impressive. Natural approaches will soon be an accepted part of mainstream protocols. If we, as chiropractors, do not step up to the plate now, we could easily be left behind on the global transition to natural care.

Homeopathy in heart disease

Homeopathy is the first natural medicine modality to have ascended to recognition by the FDA as a registered natural drug product.  Homeopathy offers both credibility and curability for many of the more difficult health problems, including cardiovascular conditions. Best of all, homeopathy has passed the test of time and adversity that allopathic medicine is just beginning to face.  In direct harmony and concert with chiropractic principles and philosophy, homeopathy clearly provides the safest approach to restorative healthcare on the planet!

Homeopathy offers specific solutions to help most of the common CVD’s including:

• Apoplexy or stroke (prevention and recovery)
• Arterial weaknesses
• Cardiac arrhythmias
• Cholesterolemia
• Hypertension
• Vein weaknesses

Homeopathy offers a powerful added therapeutic potential to address the underlying causes of these perplexing conditions. In addition, homeopathy is the only approach that can work as deeply as helping correct the genetic predispositions to CVD. Homeopathy can address the genetic issues to CVD in a two-prong approach.

Constitutional restoration to the weaknesses or susceptibility we have acquired through living in a sedentary world, eating the standard American diet (SAD), and stress.

Miasm formulas in homeopathy are certain remedies or combinations designed to correct the genetic weaknesses we have inherited as long ago as a thousand years into our family tree. Some of these miasms can be associated with CVD’s and have a direct effect on the correction. Miasm remedies can be key to the correction of the genetic predispositions as well as proactively and preventively nipping these devastating issues in the bud.

Perhaps the greatest service of all is the powerful preventive procedures we can offer. Only 11.2% of the US population has a diagnosed CVD; approximately 90% of the population has a CVD in a blood relative. Facing the frightening reality of CVD in themselves, their siblings, children and grandchildren becomes a solemn truth. Once a CVD is corrected homeopathically in a future parent, any offspring born after that correction has a great chance of not manifesting an inherited CVD. Stopping CVD from showing up transgenerationally in our children, grand children, etc., is a priceless service!

In future issues, we will cover more new and exciting approaches you can take to help overcome CVD, including new laboratory tests, whole food nutrition, exercise, stress correction, herbs, dietary evaluations, and lifestyle enhancement.

Frank J. King, Jr., is a nationally recognized researcher, author and lecturer on homeopathy.  In addition, Dr. King is the founder and director of King Bio, Inc., a registered homeopathic manufacturing company dedicated to completing chiropractic destiny with the marriage of homeopathy.  Dr. King offers, complimentary to all Doctors of Chiropractic, his turnkey procedural system for the high volume practice called, The Chiropractic Enhancer systemTM (CES).  It is so easy to use that you can successfully apply homeopathy in your practice using any company’s products in one day. Call King Bio, Inc., Asheville, N.C.  1-800-543-3245 or e-mail: [email protected].

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