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What a historic summer this has been for the United States! The dream of ensuring healthcare to all JPBof its citizens has become a hot topic of debate, and President Obama has been estimating that the cost to taxpayers, over 10 years, will amount to a mere 1 trillion dollars in increased taxes. The metamorphosis that is occurring with the healthcare system has the potential to send shockwaves through the fabric of the United States well into the future.

The profession wide response to this combustible and momentous effort has been absolutely inspiring! Groups such as The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, the ICA, ACA, COCSA, various Chiropractic Colleges, as well as several well known vendors have all been doing a great job of working together to create a common message. Much of this collaboration has been made possible specifically through meeting at events known as the Chiropractic Summit. If you would like to learn more about how you and your patients may become more active in the fight for non-discriminatory healthcare representation in national policy, please visit either the ACA’s,,  or the ICA’s,  Now that’s something to get fired up about! 

Make no mistake about it: Americans are great at budgeting! The patients you see understand what they are paying for, and the services that they receive. With the number crunching going on, it’s easy to get the sense that everything is on the chopping block. If you, as a chiropractor, are running a cash practice, this is a particularly important reality that you must come to terms with each and every day. Even more frustrating than that, is to consider that the insurance companies, which should be trying to stretch the buck of their policy holders as far as possible, aren’t actively referring patients to D.C.’s and, instead, are taking a more defensive posture with regard to the services chiropractors render.

To position yourself on the cutting edge, be sure to take a look at the consultants providing expert advice on marketing, beginning on page 28. Don´t miss TAC media correspondent Eric Plasker´s article on page 36, which relates his experience with branding fitness! Also inside, an always popular author, Dr. Rodger Murphree, details how using the internet will do the work while you sleep, on page 26.

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