Luck Is When Opportunity Meets Preparation

We are all aware there is great division over universal healthcare coverage. The federal healthcare bill that is now in the Senate has, for months, debated spending, coverage, negotiations and—keeping with transparency—publically reported, after the fact, “back room” deals that are secretly happening. What will managed care look like, if—or when—the government takes over? The answer is simple–tax, waste and spend.

Managed care and government subsidized healthcare will quickly overburden the healthcare system, under compensate the healthcare providers, and under provide healthcare. As with any government agency, it will quickly become bloated with bureaucracy and inefficiency. It will be a living hell for the doctors that are involved, and it will become a living hell for the patients that will rely on it. The bill is not to provide easier access to care or improve healthcare delivery. It is painfully obvious that not much of the bill is about patient care, at all.

The rules don’t have to run your business nor run you out of business. The old adage goes that, “Luck is when opportunity meets preparation,” and we can truly be prepared, if we get out ahead of it. The best thing is to decide how you can actually transform your practice into a cash practice. There are simple yet, somewhat, difficult decisions to make right now to be certain that our patients and our families do not suffer as a result of this government healthcare takeover. feel very comfortable and very sound running a practice that is virtually 100% cash. I believe the direction, in the future of healthcare, will be the transformation to a cash practice. The only thing that could limit this is, if in some way shape or form, the government is allowed to force every practitioner into their model.

I’ve heard it said, time and again: insurance is too important to my patients; you can’t do cash in my area; or YOU may be able to do cash where you live, but the economy where I live just won’t support it. The fact is there are cash practices all over and in every healthcare discipline. These practices are succeeding, growing, and thriving, even in this tough economic time.

It is impossible to predict what actually will be inside the proposed healthcare bill, until it has passed, if it will pass. Do not wait for luck. A doctor would be wise to meet this opportunity with preparation to incorporate the practice of cash as a preemptive solution. Prepare now, as this is a golden opportunity and, sooner than later, others will consider you having luck.


Dr. Richard E. Busch III, developer of the DRS Protocol™, is a nationally recognized Doctor of Chiropractic, author of Surgery not Included, and speaker. In ’96, he founded the Busch Chiropractic Pain Center which is considered one of the largest case fee cash practices in the US. Dr. Busch, president of the Busch All Cash Academy, consults with doctors across the nation in the conversion to cash and the case fee. or call 1-866-662-2225.

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