Marketing Inside Out


Marketing Inside Out

by Dennis Perman D.C.


Most chiropractors think that good marketing works and bad marketing does not, and this oversimplification interferes with your ability to interpret the results of your marketing efforts. There is more to it—those who maximize their marketing know that success comes from you, not to you, that it’s who you are that determines how well what you do works. That means that if two doctors apply the same marketing strategy, the one who brings a greater sense of inner purpose, self esteem and persistence will get a better result, and this is the missing link for many frustrated marketers —you must learn to market inside out.

Let’s take apart the word MARKETING and see what we find.

M stands for Motivation. Whether you market internally, asking for referrals, doing health care class and sponsoring promotions, or externally, with outside lectures, screenings and networking with other professionals, an energy field of drive and intentionality is required, and that only comes with a sense of purpose—why are you marketing? To make money? To help people? To make the world a healthier place? Only you and your team know why you want to attract people into your practice, and the more clarity you have, the more likely you are compelled to follow through.

A stands for Attitude. The feelings and behaviors you invest in your marketing will shape the response you get, so focus on maintaining a positive, loving, service-oriented attitude, and your marketing will be more effective.

R stands for Resiliency. Not every attempt will pan out, and unless you understand that it is a percentage game, your energy field will reflect your uncertainty and disappointment in the form of inconsistency and rationalization. Learn from your mistakes—refine your marketing process until you can identify ideal patients, find them and impress them, get them to choose you, and match your procedures and policies to their needs so they are enthusiastic and refer others.

K stands for Know-how, a savviness and experience that help you concentrate your power on tools and techniques that work for you. People buy based on their perceptions of pleasure and pain, so demonstrate values and standards preferred by the kinds of patients you seek. Study those around you who are successful, get some coaching and guidance, and improve your results by noticing weaker areas in your approach and enhancing them. Don’t try to sell, but rather to inspire people to buy.

E stands for Excellence. Having a first class office begins with a first class leader and a first class team, which logically precedes having first class patients. Become the kind of office and the kind of healer that people will be attracted to, especially the people you aim to serve, and you’ll find that such personal and professional growth is a key factor in attracting the kind of patients you desire.

T stands for Time—it’s the Sixth Principle, everything takes time. Tony Robbins taught me that God’s delays are not God’s denials, and sometimes things take longer than you expect – don’t give up, keep working, keep making distinctions and remember why you are doing so, and you’ll find that in time, you will accomplish what you set out to do.

I stands for Inventiveness—when your efforts aren’t working as you believe they should, be creative, be flexible, and innovate – there are many roads, try something different if what you have been doing turns stale or unproductive.

N stands for Natural—if you have to force any aspect of your marketing, it’s probably not your best move. Marketing should flow out of your vision, purpose and mission, your what, why and how – it should be a good fit with who you are as a chiropractor, not just a good idea that someone you admire or respect uses. Your method of attraction should be congruent with both you and the patient.

Finally, G stands for Gratitude, a vastly overlooked element in the marketing process. When you are grateful for the opportunity to serve people, it shines through everything you do, and instead of appearing hungry, you come across as appreciative and truly engaged, which makes your prospective patients feel comfortable and responsive, so they are drawn not only to come to you, but to stay with you. In a service business like chiropractic practice, this is essential.

While most information on marketing concentrates on technique, this inside-out concept cuts across all marketing technology. Marketing is not only about strategy, it’s also about identity, and the chiropractor who markets from a place of personal power, integrity, service and love has a huge advantage over someone who is merely fishing for new business. Bring these inner qualities to your marketing, and your very same strategies may well produce better than ever – try it and see.


Dennis_-_newDennis Perman DC is co-founder of The Masters Circle, a leadership coaching, practice building and personal development company for chiropractors. The author of numerous CD albums and books, and the executive producer of TMCtv, the world’s largest online video success library for chiropractors, he has published “The Column” every week for over thirteen years. Contact him at [email protected].

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