Maximize Your Income and Minimize Your Effort

Maximize Your Income and Minimize Your Effort

by Dr. Eric Kaplan, D.C., F.I.A.M.A.


Why do some doctors (people) retire rich and some doctors (people) retire poor? This subject has fascinated philosophers, thinkers, mystics and teachers throughout the ages.



Reasons for Rich or Poor

Why do some doctors (people) retire rich and some doctors (people) retire poor? This subject has fascinated philosophers, thinkers, mystics and teachers throughout the ages. There have been so many cases of hundreds or thousands and even millions of men and women who have started with nothing and become financially independent that people are naturally curious to know why it happened and what are the common rules or principles that others can apply to become wealthy as well. I learned from my father that hard work and maximum effort do not always provide wealth and prosperity.


Why People Become Rich

I have studied this concept for years. In Sunday school, I remember the parable of the talents. In the Bible, it says, “To him that hath, shall more be given, and he shall have abundance. But from him that hath not, even that which he hath shall be taken away.” In our world there is truth to this. I found it easier to get from one hundred to two hundred patients a day than when I first started and wanted just one hundred per week. I call this the Law of Momentum.

What does it mean? In the modern world, we say, “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” The fact is that people who accumulate money tend to accumulate more and more. People who don’t accumulate money seem to lose even that little bit of money which they have. Why should this happen? The great success principle, the single idea that explains human destiny is simple. It says that, “You become what you think about, most of the time.”


Winners Control Their Thoughts

And whatever you dwell on, grows in your reality. You create your entire world by the things you choose to think about and how you choose to think about them.

It just so happens that wealthy, successful people fill their minds with thoughts, words, pictures and images of wealth, affluence, success, productivity and solutions to problems in the marketplace, most of the time. They do this through goal setting and thus goal getting. Goals are one of the secrets of the successful; they know how to set goals, monitor goals and know the importance of having written goals. Setting goals does not take a lot of effort but it can provide an abundance of success.


Seven Steps toAchieving Goals

Everybody wants everything, but nobody knows “The Secret.” The secret is hard work combined with specific goals will help you achieve the Practice of your dreams. So, for those of you who do not know how to make, set or manage goals, we will start off with my seven step process. This will help maximize your success with minimum effort. This simple, seven-step process is set up for you to achieve your goals faster and easier than ever before.



1.      Decide exactly what you want in each area ofyour life. Be specific!
2.      Write it down, clearly and in detail.
3.      Set a specific deadline. If it i s a large goal,break it down i nto sub-deadlines and writethem down in order.
4.      Make a list of everything you can think of thatyou are going to have to do to achieve yourgoal. As you think of new items, add them toyour list.
5.      Organize the items on your list into a plan byplacing them in the proper sequence andpriority.
6.      Take action immediately on the most importantthing you can do on your plan. This isvery important!
7.      Do something every day that moves youtoward the attainment of one or more of your important goals. Maintain the momentum!


The Three Keys to High Achievement

You could even say that the three keys to high achievement are, “Clarity, Clarity, Clarity,” with regard to your goals. Your success in life will be largely determined by how clear you are about what it is you really, really want.


Write and Rewrite Your Goals

The more you write and rewrite your goals and the more you think about them, the clearer you will become about them. The clearer you are about what you want, the more likely you are to do more and more of the things that are consistent with achieving them. Meanwhile, you will do fewer and fewer of the things that don’t help to get the things you really want.


Join the Top 2%

According to a recent study, fewer than two percent of adults have written goals and plans that they work on every single day. When you sit down and write out your goals, you move yourself into the top 2% of people in our society. Now it is your turn to get the same results that they do.


Review Your Goals

Study and review your goals every day to be sure they are still your most important goals. You will find yourself adding goals to your list as time passes. You will also find yourself deleting goals that are no longer as important as you once thought. Whatever your goals are, plan them out thoroughly, on paper, and work on them every single day. This is the key to peak performance and maximum achievement.


Rich People Think Big

If you want to become successful, find out what failures do, and don’t do it. If you want to be wealthy, find out what poor people think about, and avoid thinking in those ways. Instead, find out how wealthy people think. Find out what they read. Find out how they spend their time. Study their lives, read their stories and autobiographies and listen to their tapes. The more you find out what financially successful people think and talk about most of the time, and do the same things, the more rapidly you will enjoy the same rewards that they do. You will learn rich people set goals, make it simple; make your first goal to sit down and write out your goals. It will not take much effort to do this, but it will maximize your chances for success.

Dr. Eric S. Kaplan, Co-developer and President of Discforce Inc, the next Generation on Spinal decompression. Dr. Kaplan is the best selling author of Dying to be Young, and Lifestyle’s of the Fit & Famous.

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