Micro Miracles: Discover the Healing Power of Enzymes


micromiraclesbookEnzymes are the essential building blocks of life, the natural chemical catalysts that regulate all of the metabolic processes in your body—from digestion to immune function to tissue repair to hormonal balance to the rate at which you age. The 3,000 enzymes in the body regulate the thousands of daily biological tasks that keep the human organism healthy and functional. Whether or not you have an adequate level of enzymes will be reflected in your daily energy levels, the radiance of your skin and hair, and the rate at which you age. A deficiency of enzymes can cause serious problems, such as accelerated aging, exhaustion, slow healing from injuries, hormonal imbalance, and chronic diseases. Enzyme supplements are fast becoming a significant factor in American healthcare.

MicroMiracles, published by Rodale Press in September, 2005, is the first book that shows readers how to identify and evaluate their most significant enzyme deficiencies, gives them clear and practical dietary guidelines that fit in with the busy lives of today’s readers, and educates them regarding the appropriate use of enzyme supplements.

In addition to the power of enzymes, the knowledge of food allergies and the ability to eliminate them is paramount to good health. The Food Allergy Cure, Harmony, 2003, is a best selling book on allergies. This book describes the BioSET™ system (Bioenergetic Sensitivity and Enzyme Therapy), developed by Ellen Cutler, DC, and outlines the principles of this 21st century researched technique that not only eliminates those food allergies, but restores health and longevity.

BioSET™ is one of the only natural health care systems in chiropractic that combines enzymes with nutrition, detoxification and allergy desensitization for a complete and natural health regimen. Dr. Cutler, a clinician for over 25 years, has created protocols that safely and effectively uncover the individual root causes of many conditions which modern medicine does not adequately diagnose or treat. BioSET™ is a simpler, safer, and faster way of uncovering the root cause of many chronic ailments.


For more information, contact The Bio-Set Institute by phone at 415-384-0200 or visit www.bioset-institute.com.

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