New Patients

To manage, per Webster’s dictionary, means to control.Areas of your practice are either managed properly or improperly.  They are either in control or out of control.

If you ever felt new patients were out of control, please read on and perhaps I can help you address this most vital area of practice.

Without new patients, there is no practice.  With control of new patients, your practice grows and you gain freedom previously unknown.

To gain control over this area, you need a plan.  The plan we have found effective over the past twenty-five years and that worked to help me build the largest new patient practice in America, with fifty new patients per week, is as follows:

First, you need to organize both your internal and external marketing.  Second, you must, every week, be promoting for new patients in effective ethical ways.  Third, you must never stop your new patient marketing.

An effective plan to increase and control new patients would be one that controls the actions of you and your staff by having programs you do on set days each month.  For example, you could make the first Monday of each month a referral day.  On this day, you would ask your patients if they knew of other people in the community who need your help.  You could put up a sign with balloons and call it Referral Day, Community Health Day, etc.  In addition, every twelve visits when you reevaluate your patients, as you should, you could ask them if they had tried to refer anyone to your office and discuss whom and how to get them in—the point being to have set organized methods to promote referrals and more new patients.

In addition, if you held a workshop for new patients every two weeks in your office to teach them exercises, nutrition or other information of value and had them bring partners to learn the information, you would have another regular event that could bring new patients.

If you add to this plan outside marketing in the form of public lectures, you will have rapid growth.  The most popular topics are on weight loss, women’s hormone problems, arthritis, and digestive troubles, as well as sleep disorders.  These workshops can be scheduled individually or, even better, as a series.  

Delivering a quality lecture followed by an invitation for a screening in your clinic definitely can increase your practice.

The simple fact is that the more people who know you and respect you, the more new patients you get.  Having a plan is always better than having no plan.  Doing something is always better than doing nothing.

Dr. David Singer built the world’s largest new patient practice seeing 40-50 new patients per week. For over 25 years, Dr. Singer has trained 1000 doctors per year on how to boom their practices. He has been named the top chiropractor of the year by the Parker Foundation, The American Chiropractor magazine and Chiropractic Economics magazine. He is currently an advisor to the Chiropractic Legal Action Fund, which is bringing litigation against ACN and AHSN. To join in on a teleconference with Dr. Singer, call his office at 800-326-1797 and ask for Melinda.

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