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TAC:  Please describe a “nutritional maintenance program” for your patients who are generally healthy.
  Homeopathy offers much to proactively build health.  While nutrition works on a biochemical level, homeopathy works bioenergetically, correcting nerve interferences throughout the whole nervous system.  Contemporary biofeedback response tests, like AK, leg length and electro-acupuncture tests, work very well to confirm which homeopathic remedies an individual needs.  King Bio offers the chiropractor formulas and information on constitutional enhancement and the correction of miasms.  These products are designed to strengthen and correct the genetic weaknesses we have inherited as far back as 1000 years into our family trees.  Homeopathy offers a deeper acting therapy to better address the roots of disease. 

Vickery:  The Vickery Method nutritional maintenance program is deceptively simple.  It requires only three supplements that deliver every nutrient known and unknown.  They are (1) our patented Platinum Essential Amino Acids Plus and our trademarked Vickery Essential Amino Acids, (2) BioMulti Plus [ Biotics Research®] and (3) our Platinum Flax/Borage.

Yanick:  We, at Quantum Energy, have studied hundreds of plants and whole foods to find the specific blends that catalyze innate communication and healing.  With university researchers reporting how over 97.5% of supplements are either toxic (irradiation, fumigation or contaminated with mold, pesticide/insecticide residues, even though they are organic or wildcrafted), ineffective or both, our clinical research lead to the development of Multi-Nutrafood Plus™.  Over a decade of research went into observing the unique energy fields and nutrient content of whole foods and herbs.  Then, after testing thousands of cases, we expertly blended these ingredients to provide an ideal nutritional maintenance program for patients who are generally healthy.  Our goal:  Optimal nourishment and daily fortification against stress.  To accomplish this goal, a proprietary Histidine-GLA-Zinc Complex (an advanced complex of transporter and carrier nutrients) was included to boost the assimilation of vital nutrients and provide powerful nutritional compensation from the ravages of everyday stress. 
Multi-Nutrafood Plus™ by Quantum Energy, LLC, is an advanced and comprehensive nutritional maintenance formula that works to keep the body healthy—all systems in sync, with vitality and energy to spare—without risks or side effects.  This is the first daily multiple researched and designed to balance all meridians, organs and systems, so innate healing is operating at its fullest potential! 

What are the time and financial investments required to study your method?
  King Bio offers the Chiropractic Enhancer System (CES) a turnkey training program for the broad scoped, high volume practice. 
This program can be read over in one evening and successfully applied the next day by DC’s who have never used homeopathy.  King Bio offers license renewal seminars leading to a homeopathic certification for those interested in advanced study.
The complete CES training program is FREE to DC’s with any test kit purchase from King Bio.  Kits range from the simple top six products to the complete armamentarium of 119 products, at cost to the doctor.
Vickery: The Vickery Method (TVM) requires the full time attention (thinking) of the doctor because, while he/she will follow a procedural outline, he may jump ahead or go back over findings in his testing.  This is in contrast to the mechanical norm of this profession.  It is, in fact, 90% evaluation and testing (diagnosis) and 10% correction.  It is, in short, not “Stop and pop!”  The goal is always “First cause!”
The time required to learn depends greatly on the background of the practitioner.  A doctor who just graduated from say, Sherman College, and a doctor who practiced only straight chiropractic for 40 years would be the same—an empty mold.  It would take from two-to-three years to become competent, because they have to learn how to do kinesiology drawn from both Applied Kinesiology, Contact Reflex Analysis, and some from Clinical Kinesiology, as well as some basic EAV and homeopathic pathologic (Nosode) testing, besides the nutritional testing and relationships to postural deviations, the cause of subluxations.  They usually have to learn or relearn basic nutrition and diet. 
There are sometimes physical limita-tions.  We found that many doctors who were, themselves, sick had to get well u to practice TVM.  They were what are sometimes called “sappers”, who had such energy lack that they drained the patient and were incapable of testing anyone!  The physical requirement is to be able to perform a minimum of 250 tests—up to a thousand a day.  When developing the method and cutting through the “smoke” that is Applied Kinesiology, I did 2500 tests a day.
We had a young associate who had a background in Applied Kinesiology and was an honor roll student—he had it in about 6-8 months, but it was a year before he was competent enough to alternate treatment with me on the same patients with perfect reliability.  We have a doctor who just started, with an AK, CRA, and acupuncture, etc., background—and THE DESIRE—who, I believe, will do it in six months.  Not exactly stop-and-pop.  What we develop, then, are what we were intended to be:  The greatest prevention doctors on the planet, integrating structure, nutrition and mind into a perfect wellness practice.  Everything, everything that is learned is used on Monday morning!  (And every hour after that!)
The whole basic method is on four video tapes at, 24/7, $75.00 each—total cost is $300.00!  This is what we used to charge for one seminar!  It’s a good investment.
From time to time, we do “hands on seminars” for the finer diagnosis of the conditions that make up fibromyalgia.

Yanick:  In one QRT (Quantum Repat-terning Technique) seminar day (7 hours), practitioners can go right into their office the very next day and apply the technique with reasonably good skill.  The cost is $199 with pre-registration, or $250 late registration.  Seminars are held once every two months at locations across the USA.

What is the time required to perform this method for testing nutritional deficiencies?
  Initial testing and explanations may take ten-to-fifteen minutes.  Follow-up testing may take one-to-three minutes.

Vickery:  Our standing tests for protein and sulfur deficiencies take about twenty-to-thirty seconds.  Supine, on the Vickery-Voll Points, requires about the same.  An acute IV disk case and the appropriate nutritional tests take two-five minutes  (unless there are five or more diskal u      u lesions with the CCT).  A complete fibromyalgia workup including all nutritional deficiencies, BEV Tests for diskal lesions, osteoporosis, organ deterioration (such as Crohn’s Disease, liver cirrhosis, yeasts, bacteria, viral series-hepatitis ABC, herpes, etc.), toxic metals series, lymphadenitis, and recording the starting, benchmark level of each may take up to forty-five minutes.  On subsequent visits, the time gets shorter and shorter as the conditions clear up—less to test, as the patient gets well.

Yanick:  The method started out a decade ago taking 30-45 minutes per patient and is now streamlined and shortened into a 5-10 minute clinical assessment procedure that has as much accuracy of detailed meridian stress assessment or EAV and a full kinesiological workup.

What type patients or cases respond best to this method?
  Homeopathy offers the broadest therapeutic spectrum of any adjunct for almost any physical, mental or emotional condition.

Vickery: In the process of inventing and developing TVM, and by it’s own usage, it should be recalled that two important discoveries were made that propel this method into universal application both in recovering health and maintaining health, which has been proven to be synonymous with maximum posture.
The first was the Vickery-Voll Test, which uses the acupuncture points on the pancreas meridian designated as protein, carbohydrate, and fat digestion which responds to the proper amino acid formula.
The second was the protein paradox.  No matter how much protein is ingested, 90% of the population does not utilize it properly and the result is slow degeneration and disease.  The outstanding evidence of this is the slow onset of DDD, as shown exclusively by The BEV Tests (  The tests are positive years before the CT or MRI.
Fibromyalgia has become a showcase for TVM, because it has identified the causes, presents with one or more medically incurable diseases, contains all of the prior problems including infections, toxic metals and hydrocarbons, etc.  We will just list some of the majors:  At the start protein/sulfur deficiency, hypoglycemia, depression, brain fog, chronic fatigue, yeasts, bacterial infections, viral infections, (including HVC), lupus, irritable bowel, interstitial cystitis, vulvodynia, migraine headaches, TMJ, bursitis, severe muscular pain, lymphadenitis, mercury-lead-arsenic-cadmium, etc., gastric reflux, liver cirrhosis, osteoporosis, PMS, multiple vitamin-mineral-fatty acid deficiencies, Crohn’s Disease, celiac disease, DDD in all stages, hopelessness, and suicidal tendencies.  All have responded successfully to The Vickery Fibromyalgia Protocol.

Yanick: Patients that respond best to QRT are those with treatment-resistant syndromes, stubborn and complex multi-leveled disorders such as fibromylagia, joint and muscle pain disorders, CFS, MS, Parkinson’s, plus immune dysfunction, especially with weakness of cell-mediated immunity and its resultant chemical sensitivity and allergic tendencies.
Remember, that the QRT, unlike other methods is multidisciplinary, involving immunology, endocrinology (I certified doctors for the A4M in Anti-aging Medicine and taught endocrinology during training), biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, quantum physics, molecular biology, naturopathic medicine, American Indian herbology, Ayurveda, German phytotherapy, functional medicine, neurology (I studied neurology at Baylor University in 1975), homeopathic medicine, and chiropractic.  The system was built on failure and developed to help the most difficult cases.  My life was on the line in 1970 with a medical diagnosis of fatal kidney and adrenal disease and that is when the multidisciplinary studies started.

We at TAC would like to thank the four authors who contributed to this, the first of many articles to come, on how you can effectively implement a nutritional supplementation program in your practice.  To paraphrase Daryl DeLuca, how far you choose to go with your nutritional skill and knowledge is up to you.  However, if you’re just beginning, start with the basics—perhaps a multivitamin and EFA’s—and remember to stay within your comfort zone!
Let us know what nutritional supplements or techniques you love to use in your practice!  Email me at:
[email protected].

Frank J. King, Jr., N.D., D.C., is a nationally recognized researcher, author and lecturer on homeopathy.  In addition, Dr. King is the founder and director of King Bio Pharmaceuticals, a registered homeopathic manufacturing company dedicated to completing chiropractic destiny with the marriage of homeopathy.  Dr. King offers, complimentary to all doctors of chiropractic, his turnkey procedural system for the high volume practice called, The Chiropractic Enhancer system (CES).

Brice Vickery, D.C., has predicated The Vickery Method (TVM) on the idea that amino acids are the building blocks of life and, thus, very important in manufacturing hormone strong immune system T-cells and antibodies, and in gene and cell repair.  Also, since digestive enzymes are made from amino acids, if enough amino acids are not provided, enzyme production will diminish and digestive function can become progressively more impaired leading to disease. 
Since the early 1980’s, Dr. Vickery has been a pioneer in nutritional counseling as playing a crucial part in  the body’s healing process.

Paul Yanick, Jr., Ph.D., N.D., C.N.C., CQM., is a world renowned expert and founder of Quantum Medicine.  Dr. Yanick has developed and teaches Quantum Medicine protocols that are innovative clinical techniques for addressing causative factors in illness with effective solutions for treatment resistant clinical cases.  He has published over 250 studies and written three books on Quantum Medicine and the Quantum Repatterning Technique (QRT), which provide specific tools for identifying precisely what is taking place in the weakened or disordered physiology associated with unresponsiveness of the immune and endocrine systems.

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