Nutritional Support for Health

Anabolic Labs Ultra K2D3

Nutritional Support for Health


Many Chiropractors use some form of nutritional support to assist in the healing process of their patients. See here, in alphabetical order, the newest nutritional products in the market to suggest to your patients and/or add to your practice.



Anabolic Labs: Ultra K2D3

Price Range: $10 doctors’ price; $20 patients’ price (this is a one to two month supply)

Product Name: Ultra K2D3

Description: Ultra K2D3 provides a unique, easy-to-absorb combination of vitamins K2 and D3 which are essential for calcium absorption and utilization. Make the most of your calcium with Ultra K2D3.

Contact Info: 1-800-344-4592, ext. 2280


Anabolic Labs Ultra K2D3

Biopharma Nanogreens 10

Price Range: SRP $49.95

Product Name: NanoGreens10: Fruits and Vegetables to the Power of Ten

Description: Best tasting greens guaranteed! Several published pilot studies show two scoops a day lower blood pressure better than diets or medication! Part of the SuperFood Solution™: Lifelong Wellness Made Easy!

Contact Info: 1-877-772-436


Biopharma Nanogreens 10

Ayush Herbs Inc. Boswelya Plus

Price Range: $16.50 for Practioners

Product Name: Boswelya Plus

Description: Boswelya Plus is a unique blend for nutritional support of joints, muscles, tendons, smooth muscles and nervous system. It enhances the detoxification and repair of damaged tissues by encouraging innate healing processes.

Contact: 1-800-925-1371

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Ayush Herbs Inc Boswelya Plus
Blue Spring Wellness Doctor’s Pain Formula

Price Range: $7.99-$59.99

Product Name: Doctor’s Pain Formula

Best Feature Description: It is all natural and paraben free. It contains 11 therapeutic ingredients (Emu Oil, Glucosamine, MSM etc). Most of our customers experience pain relief in as fast as 5 minutes!

Contact Info: 1-866-470-4930


Blue Spring Wellness Doctors Pain Formula

Be Well Homeopathics Flu Terminator

Price Range: $9.75

Product Name: Flu Terminator

Description: The only homeopathic Flu formula studied at the Miami Children Hospital and published in a peer review journal (JACM, Vol. 13, 2007) The research team concluded “Flu Terminator elicit a human immune response” available in spray, drops and tablets.

Contact Info: 1-877-438-3042


Be Well Homeopathics FluTerminator

Enzyme Formulations Chiro-Zyme
TRCTN™/Combination D

Price Range: $15.00 Wholesale/$30.00 Retail

Product Name: Chiro-Zyme TRCTN™/Combination D

Description: As recommended in Surgery Not Included: Freedom from Chronic Neck and Back Pain by Dr. Richard Busch III, this product was formulated to provide nutritional support for intervertebral discs and relieve related muscle contractions.

Contact Info: 1-800-614-4400

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Enzyme Formulations Chiro ZymeTRCTN Combination D

Enzymes Inc. Advanced
Formula™ FlorEnz™

Price Range: $ 28.00

Product Name: Advanced Formula™ FlorEnz™

Description: The five strains of more than 10 billion probiotic organisms in Advanced Formula™ FlorEnz™ help promote colon health while they provide support for the immune system.

Contact Info: 1-800-637-7893


Enzymes Inc Advanced Formula FlorEnz
Flax USA Sprinkles, Roasted
Flax Seeds

Product Price Range: $2.89 – $ 6.00

Product Name: Flax USA Sprinkles, Roasted Flax Seeds

Description: Easy, convenient ground ready to eat Flax USA, Flax Sprinkles. Shelf stable for 22 months, great taste, texture. Customers love the taste and convenience and, of course, the healthy Omega 3, Lignans, Protein and Fiber.

Contact Info: 1-866-FLAX USA


Flax USA Sprinkles, Roasted Flax Seeds
Heartland Natural OmegaGreens

Price Range: $20.50-$23.95 (SRP$ 43.95)

Product Name: Omega Greens

Description: Processed at low-temperature, made with Certified Organic Ingredients, and contains no preservatives or MSG. Rich in ALA Omega-3 and has a High ORAC Value. Great Taste! Mint or Berry flavor.

Contact info: 1- 888-772-2345

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Heartland Natural OmegaGreens
Irwin Naturals Multi-Cleanse
Total-Body Program

Price Range: $25.00 – $27.00 Suggested Retail Price

Product name: Multi-Cleanse Total-Body Program

Description: 2-Part Clinically Developed System, Delicately Balanced for Cleansing, Detoxification & Elimination

1. PART 1: Cleansing Complex with Herbs: Supports Digestion and Detoxification*

2. PART 2: Cleansing Complex with Fibers: Supports Colon Health and Regularity*

Contact info: 1-888-427-6669


Irwin Naturals Multi Cleanse Total Body Program

Kool ’N Fit Pain Relief Spray

Price Range: $11.95- $37.95

Product Name: Kool ’N Fit Pain Relief Spray

Best Feature: The Original, all natural Pain Relieving Spray. Non greasy, deep penetrating and long lasting effect; complimenting chiropractic treatments. Developed by a Pharmacist for Doctors and Patients in mind.

Contact Info: 1-800-852-5665

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Kool %E2%80%99N Fit Pain Relief Spray

Muscle Ezze PMEX2 Night Time™

Price Range: SRP $24.95

Product Name: Muscle Ezze PMEX2 Night Time™

Description: Calming natural anti-anxiety aid for helping to produce a deep, restful sleep. Unique herbal blend helps regulate circadian rhythm and sleep pattern. Call for free sample (offer good until 08/01/2009).

Contact Info: 1-800-647-935


Muscle Ezze PMEX2 Night Time
Nutri-West DSF Formula™

Price Range: $27.60 -$48.00

Product Name: DSF Formula™

Description: Perfect Supplement to be chosen for stressful times! Glandular, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and phytochemicals synergistically work together to support the various energy-producing systems of the body.

Contact Info: 1-800-443-3333

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Nutri West DSF Formula%E2%84%A2

Protocol Celadrin® Joint Liposome
Lotion – 4 oz

Price Range: $12.00- $24.00

Product Name: Celadrin® Joint Liposome Lotion – 4 oz

Description: With millions of individuals living with osteoporosis, the need for natural support has never been more prevalent. As demonstrated in clinical studies, Celadrin® supports healthy joint mobility, as well as overall joint function without dangerous side-effects. Scientific studies have shown that Celadrin® Joint Liposome Lotion is safe, well-absorbed, and easily utilized by the body.*

Contact Info: 1-877-776-8610

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Protocol Celadrin Joint Liposome Lotion
Standard Process Purification Kit

Price Range: $223.00 – $239.00

Product Name: Standard Process Purification Kit

Description: Our clinically effective 21-day program integrates whole, organic, and unprocessed foods and whole food supplements into an easy-to-follow protocol. To order, visit

Contact Info: 1-800-558-8740


Standard Process Purification Kit
Titan Labs Factor Eight Natura Cleanse

Price Range: $8.00 Wholesale

Product Name: Factor Eight: Natura Cleanse

Description: An encapsulated formulation of herbal extracts and natural fibers to rid the body of accumulated toxins and heavy metals. Reduces cholesterol levels and fat absorption. Ameliorates risk of colon cancer.

Contact Info: 1-800-929-0945

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Titan Labs Factor Eight Natura Cleanse
Transformation Enzyme

Price Range: $14.25-$25.00 Wholesale

Product Name: TPP Protease IFC

Description: A recent study at Baylor University has proven that the professional strength proteolytic enzymes in Transformation’s Protease IFC helps control key inflammatory cytokines and improves muscle performance.

Contact Info: 1-800-777-1474


Trimedica Inc. ControflaM

Price Range: $34.95 SRP

Product Name: ControflaM

Description: ControflaM contains a powerful combination of proteolytic enzymes, supportive nutrients for joint, muscle and connective tissues, plus a targeted homeopathic blend which helps facilitate a healthy inflammatory response and provide temporary relief of soreness and discomfort.

Contact Info: 1-800-800-8849


Trimedica Inc. ControflaM
Vital Nutrients Aller-C for Allergy Support

Price Range: $25.90 – $48.00

Product Name: Vital Nutrients Aller-C for Allergy Support

Description: Vital Nutrients ALLER-C is a potent combination formula used to moderate the inflammatory response. Quercetin promotes decreased production of histamine and the 60% citrus bioflavonoid complex supports the strength of capillaries. Bromelain is most effective taken away from meals.

Contact Info: 1-888-328-9992


Vital Nutrients Aller C for Allergy Support




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