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ParkerCollegeAfter thirty-one years of Parker Seminars, experiencing exceptional growth and success, Dr. James Parker’s colleagues urged him to establish Parker College of Chiropractic. A group of twenty-seven students made a leap of faith in September 1982. They were the first students to enroll at Parker College of Chiropractic. Parker College’s curriculum—both basic and chiropractic—continues to be integrated with the teachings of Dr. Parker. From that first small band of students, now more than 4,700 Parker alumni practice in all fifty states and live in twenty-four countries.” The 25th anniversary of Parker College is an extraordinary milestone,” says Dr. Fabrizio Mancini. “Dr. Jim’s vision and passion brought Parker College into existence.”

New Programs Offered

In January 2007, the Parker College School of Massage Therapy opened to serve the growing demand for highly qualified massage therapists. The composition of the massage program is similar to the doctor of chiropractic program; both combine classroom instruction with hands on lab and clinical experience. The 600-hour program is structured so that students who plan to practice in Texas may test for their Texas license and begin working while completing the remainder of the coursework. This certificate program was specifically designed so that graduates will be fully prepared and qualified to sit for the National Certification Examination in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

Parker Clinic Abroad Program, First in U.S.

Chiropractic Schools

Each trimester, a group of Parker students studies at the Universidad Estatal del Valle de Ecatepec (UNEVE), located in Mexico City, Mexico. “We also recognize not all learning takes place in the classroom,” says Dr. Mancini. Students develop their chiropractic skills by serving as interns for four hours a day in the University’s public clinic and the local hospitals. “We have added another international education opportunity for our students. Interns may now elect to participate in our Costa Rica program—inside the Olympic Committee, serving all athletes of that country,” Dr. Mancini adds. These experiences provide a total immersion of the culture, language and health needs of the country while promoting international chiropractic growth.

After Clinic Hours Program Underway

After Clinic Hours, sponsored by the Parker Alumni Association, is one of the newest programs initiated by the college this year. This program provides Parker students with opportunities to visit and learn from field doctors in an actual clinic setting. Parker alumni open their practices to students “after clinic hours” and, through lively, interactive sessions, the students gain first-hand working knowledge of life after chiropractic college.

Continuing Education Serves All of Chiropractic

Since the opening of the college, Parker has ventured in several different learning disciplines. Currently Parker College of Chiropractic is the only chiropractic school to have an on-site Animal Chiropractic Program and Clinic.

Through its continuing education department, Parker College extends its high standards of the teaching and learning process to DC’s and CA’s. Chiropractic assistants may utilize on-line training and attend on-site workshops to aid in running a more efficient office. Parker College also provides continuing education opportunities to enable DC’s to gain expertise in areas of interest. “Many of our classes provide immediate benefits for DC’s and CA’s. They return to their offices and practices with information and skills they can use first thing on Monday morning,” says Dr. Mancini. “The classes are also relevant and challenging—giving participants further options when treating patients.”

Recent continuing education courses include instruction in Laserology, Animal Chiropractic, Command Spanish, and Scoliosis Correction.

The Legacy Continues

“Dr. Parker was keenly aware of the law of abundance and fully believed that our compassion to serve must be greater than our compulsion to survive. It was his passion to serve others that guided his work, first as a field doctor and then as an innovator in the chiropractic profession. That legacy continues at Parker College as we move forward in the next twenty-five years,” Dr. Mancini concludes.

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