President of ChiroTouch™ Robert Moberg on Recent Success


Integrated Practice Solutions, Inc., creator of ChiroTouch™, has been named as one of America’s fastest growing companies by Inc. Magazine.


:dropcap_open:N:dropcap_close:othing succeeds like success.  It’s as true today as it was when Sir Arthur Helps of England first printed it in 1868.  And even in the face of a badgered economy it has been just as true for Integrated Practice Solutions (IPS), which has seen phenomenal growth in the past three years.  Inc. Magazine has just named IPS the 105th fastest growing company in the health sector, and the 25th fastest growing company in all of San Diego.  Robert Moberg, sat down with The American Chiropractor to talk about the rapid growth they are experiencing.


chirotouchsuccessTAC:  Can you tell us a little bit about that and the process to get qualified?

RM: Sure.  We were invited to submit our company’s performances.  In the last couple of years we’ve been recognized in our own city, San Diego, as one of the fastest growing companies in San Diego, and as a result of that we were invited to submit our results to Inc. Magazine to see how we would rank nationally.  They put out a list every year of how the top 500 to 5000 companies are doing, based on growth over a 2-year period.  We submitted our numbers and we were pleased to see we were around 1300th out of the 5000 fastest-growing companies, and the 105th company in the health care industry.


TAC:  Congratulations!  So that’s a chiropractic company that’s achieving very explosive growth.  What would you attribute this growth to?

RM: You know, I’ve been asked that question a lot.  Since we’ve been in the article folks have come back and said, “What is it you’re doing now that has created that growth?”  And what I try to make them realize is that it has very little to do with what we’re doing now – it really has to do with what we’ve done in the last 2 or 3 years that’s been consistent.   In a staid or trying economy, we’ve continued to be visible in the marketplace and continue to keep ourselves in publication, and continue to keep ourselves in front of events and tried to do the best we could to maintain an active presence.  So we really just try to do what we’ve consistently done for a while, and as a result of that last 2 or 3 years of being consistent I think we’re experiencing those results now.  As others tended to fade away, we chose not to, and it’s put us in a position where we can experience growth.  With the stimulus package out there, and the move to an EHR system being mandated, chiropractors are trying to become more progressive, and are seeing us as a company that is giving them a fully-certified solution that makes a lot of sense.


TAC:  Considering the current economic environment, how do you see ChiroTouch progressing with regard to Medicare and the moving target that health care reform has for the future?  Is that going to change how ChiroTouch works?  Are you going to be able to provide service to those that need it should anything happen at the federal level?

RM: Yeah, I think it’s really important for us, and we’re staying very much in tune to it so we know what’s going to be necessary, and we feel it’s our responsibility.  We believe that where Medicare has created a footprint, other insurance companies have tended to follow.  We believe the mandates Medicare is making today will transcend into other environments.  It’s very important for us to prepare the doctors. On the adoption scale, Medicare didn’t feel that most of the doctors would adopt the software till the third year, so we still feel there’s a great 2 or 3 years of growth for both us and also the doctors in chiropractic.


TAC: Is there any advice you’d like to give a chiropractor out there who is considering purchasing a note system?  Maybe they’ve used hand-written notes their entire life and they’re intimidated by using a touch screen or by saving information and the IT costs associated with it…could you talk about that a little bit?

RM: Sure.  We recognize and know there is a fear, but at the end of the day what we’re trying to give the doctors back is time.  If you can save them time, you’re going to save them money, and the time saved can be spent on more aggressive patient care and more aggressive marketing, both of which helps them really grow their practice.  Ultimately, doctors that transition from a paper-based practice to an EHR system will find an eased burden in running their practice.  What I’d suggest to them: Get a software that fits you from a company you know has been around, and will be around, for a long time.  The best software will make the biggest difference, and where many of the software systems have the right features, not all of them have the features right.   It’s a key distinction, and we’ve taken a lot of time in the last 10 years to understand what helps make chiropractic software right, so that when they’re using our software they can practice with confidence.


TAC:  Thanks for your time.  Is there anything else you’d like to add?

RM: I just appreciate it and we just enjoy being part of this profession.


TAC: Thank you.

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