Preventing Recurring Subluxations with Nutrition

As a chiropractor, I have found myself correcting the same subluxations three times a week on many patients. Regardless what technique I used, the relief they experienced was always temporary.

I was prosperous, but unfulfilled. Yes, I could sell lots of adjustments to my patients; they loved me and kept coming back. I could earn an income that justified my education. I could reduce pain and symptoms for brief periods.

But, chiropractic is about health, not just back or neck pains. I hadn’t studied all those years to provide temporary pain relief. I was well on the road to “chiropractor burnout.”

Years later, I developed a serious physical illness. I was going to a really good chiropractor, who gave technically perfect adjustments. But sometimes my subluxations would recur, literally within minutes of leaving his office. After a while, I was so sick that not even repeated adjustments made any difference.

Because of my own illness, with no relief from anything I tried, I spent much of my time studying and researching the possible causes of these problematic recurrent subluxations. This search lead me to the works of the founding fathers of clinical nutrition, geniuses of the 20th Century, Dr. Royal Lee, Dr.Weston Price, and Dr. Francis Pottenger and their discoveries concerning the relationship of nutritional deficiencies to overall health. The theory and practice of Nutrition Response TestingTM emerged from this research.

Nutritional Imbalances and Deficiencies Are the Cause of Chronically Recurring Subluxations

Nutrition Response Testing revealed the nutritional imbalances and deficiencies that were keeping me from getting well. I went on a program of designed clinical nutrition and correct dietary guidelines, and I adhered closely to it.

The improvement in my health, gradual at first, has been dramatic and lasting, and continues to this day.

Once the exact clinical nutrition formulas started to work their way deep into the tissues of my body, improving function and health, my neck no longer needed three adjustments a week to be free of constant pain. These days, I’d have to do something really “macho” (like lift a piano) to throw my neck out. But my adjustments now “hold” or stay put. Chronic recurring subluxations are no longer a constant part of my life. What a true validation of chiropractic!

Since then, I have assisted countless patients who were still under the care of a  chiropractor for their chronically recurring subluxations. Once I found and corrected the underlying nutritional imbalances and deficiencies—almost inevitable in today’s world of poor diet, fast foods and toxic chemical overload—the subluxations began to stay fixed. It became standard procedure to look for the underlying nutritional cause of any subluxation that recurs more than three times—quite a change from the 12 to 16 weeks of 2-3 adjustments per week I used to consider necessary just for stabilization.

How to Correct Nutritionally Caused Subluxations

More often than you might imagine, the chronically recurring subluxation is simply the effect of a “viscero-somatic reflex.” In other words, an organ with an energy problem is causing the subluxation. With Nutrition Response Testing, you can find out which organ it is, determine the exact deficiency or imbalance, and correct that through specifically designed clinical nutrition. Now you can perform corrective spinal adjustments that really hold.

Contrary to the lessons of science taught so thoroughly in chiropractic colleges, the offending organ is not always the one with the nerve supply from the same level of the spine. While recurrent cervical problems commonly trace to an active thyroid reflex, so does low back pain in some cases. Similarly, I can’t tell you how often I have found an active prostate reflex in relation to overall spinal stiffness or upper neck pain, in addition to the more routine findings in low back cases.

Through years of working with Nutrition Response Testing, and now teaching it as a full time activity, I have learned that “anything can cause anything.” I accept the answers Nutrition Response Testing reveals, get the patient doing the correct nutritional program, and the patient experiences relief and improved health.

The spine stays properly aligned, flexible and in balance. The result is delighted, grateful patients who vigorously refer their families and friends.
The key to Nutrition Response Testing is its assessment of the autonomic nervous system. This is the critical step that has been neglected in muscle testing in the past. It is vital to check the body’s ANS or “innate intelligence” to do a proper assessment. The case that receives the exact right program and/or chiropractic adjustment, yet worsens, “roller-coasters,” or makes no change at all, has not been properly assessed for autonomic integrity related to the case. These patients used to be the ones that kept me up at night—until I solved this using Nutrition Response Testing.

By properly assessing the status of the autonomic nervous system, through a set of simple, yet highly sophisticated procedures that take less than a minute to perform, and delivering the appropriate nutritional support in conjunction with the correct chiropractic intervention, I achieved consistent results and total certainty that I can make people well—helping a greater abundance of not only routine chiropractic patients but my entire community as a whole.

Nutrition Response Testing Can Turn You into a Whole Body Natural Health Expert

It takes a thorough understanding of Nutrition Response Testing, including knowledge of the anatomy, along with basic physiology and biochemistry of the body to become great at this work.  It can be learned easily by any qualified health practitioner. By attending Nutrition Response Testing seminars and workshops, studying the DVD’s, and with a dedication toward achieving a high level of professionalism, you can become the best that you can be relatively quickly. Your practice becomes a joy, and your clients appreciate you and tell all their friends. You start thinking of yourself more and more as a healer. Life is good.

Dr. Freddie Ulan is chairman of the newly established Ulan Nutritional Systems, Inc., where he and a team of highly qualified expert practitioners are actively involved in teaching Nutrition Response Testing Workshops sponsored by Texas Chiropractic College, Post Graduate Division, as well as Advanced Clinical Training and the Secrets of Nutritional Patient Management.  For more information, visit,, or call 727-442-7101 and ask for Dory.

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