Products & Software To Help You Work with Insurance To Get Paid


Oftentimes, the tools used will determine the possibility for success in accomplishing any task. Making the right decision with regard to the documentation software, record keeping and other products you use will have a tremendous impact on the heights that your clinic may be able to reach. Use this market review to get to know some of your options.



Product Name: ACOM Health Documentation and Practice Management Software
Price Range: You can own our software for a low monthly fee, no credit check required.
Best Feature Description: ACOM Health’s Documentation and Practice Management software solution integrates the clinical and management aspects of your office activities with a complete workflow system that turns tedious, manual obligations into simple automated tasks, establishing a seamless, paperless office environment to help you maximize collections and eliminate billing challenges by delivering exactly what payors need to see.
Contact Info: 1-866-286-5315, ext. 217



Product Name: ChiroTouch
Price Range: $10,000 to $15,000

Best Feature Description: ChiroTouch has developed its HIPAA-compliant total practice management system to drastically reduce the time it takes to perform tasks you are already doing! That gives you more time to see more clients—having a direct, measurable impact on practice profitability and quality of care.
Contact Info: 1-800-852-1771


E-Z-Bis-EHRE-Z Bis, Inc.
Product Name: E-Z BIS EHR
Price Range: $1795
Best Feature Description: E-Z BIS offers a complete electronic health record solution that gives doctors the ability to operate a paperless office, by recording histories, exam results, X-ray findings, care plans, daily treatment notes and all other pertinent patient health data. E-Z BIS also offers complete integration with billing, scheduling, collection and management features.
Contact Info: 1-800-445-7816



Eon-SystemsEon Systems
Product Name: Documentor™

Price Range: $2595
Best Feature Description: With a Tablet PC, Documentor™ is a giant leap beyond the “canned” note writers. It is designed to cut down your writing time and produce terrific notes, narratives and reports. Protect yourself in an insurance audit by having your notes say exactly what you want them to.
Contact Info: 1-800-955-6448



InPhase-Technology-GroupInPhase Technology Group
Product Name: InPhase Practice Management Software
Price Range: $2750 to 3500
Best Feature Description: InPhase makes your follow-up with carriers speedy, productive, and painless. Our Money Pit module tracks every unpaid claim and logs your progress. It even calculates carriers’ average response time. The Money Pit gives you all the information you will need to make that call and get your claims paid.
Contact Info: 1-800-490-3780.




Life-Systems-SoftwareLife Systems Software
Product Name: ChiroSuiteEHR; ChiroPadEMR & ChiroOffice
Price Range: $1495 to $7995
Best Feature Description: Integrated SOAP documentation and Office Management providing computerized paperless efficiency to increase income and patient visits, and reduce expenses. Features include SOAP notes generate billing; automatic diagnosis pointing; self auditing; electronic claims; electronic phone log; scheduling; missed appointment tracking; electronic sign out collection protection.
Contact Info: 1-800-543-3001, option 1



TGI-SolutionsTGI Solutions
Price range:  150/month – Subscription, Purchase starting at $1995
Product Name:  TGI- Autumn8
Best Feature Description:  Fully integrated office scheduling, billing, EMR, including patient self-check in.
Contact info:  1-800-645-4309



JTECH-MedicalJTECH Medical
Product Name: Eval Express Chiropractic Toolkit
Price Range: $7490
Best Feature Description: Eval Express Chiropractic Toolkit provides objective justification for treatment and rehabilitation, while showing the functional effects of subluxation to your patients. The Toolkit includes objective Range of Motion, muscle strength and pain evaluation and the exciting new Quick Screen module for patient marketing that eliminates the need for other screening products.
Contact Info: 1-800-985-8324



TyQ-CorporationTyQ Corporation
Product Name: Q-ROM Range of Motion Station
Price Range: $1995 to $4795; $95/mo. lease plan
Best Feature Description: The Q-ROM Station is a computerized and automated diagnostic system that quickly and accurately measures spinal ranges of motion. It uses 3D-Enhanced dual inclinometry along with an advanced graphical user interface to enable simple and fast measurements.
Contact Info: 1-770-880-7903



Future-HealthFuture Health
Price range:  $ 6,995.-
Product Name:  Documentation/HER/Scheduler
Best Feature Description:  Future Health’s documentation is fully integrated and includes a TRUE EHR and Scheduler. Easy, user-friendly and secure. FREE, unlimited training and support! Our customers rave about our complete, compliant and professional notes, customization, intuitive design and SPEED. Documentation also fully integrates with Future Health’s billing to expedite getting paid and patient education to increase your patient’s understanding.
Contact info:  1-888-434-7347






Practice-PerfectPractice Perfect
Product Name: MD/DC/PT Integration
Price Range: $1,000 to $1,500/month
Best Feature Description: Practice Perfect is the largest MD/DC, DC/PT Integration health care management and consulting firm in the country. Dr. Dahan has trained thousands of dedicated doctors to become the most achieved health care providers.
Contact Info: 1-800-598-6289


Price range:  $399.99
Product Name:  ECLIPSEtoOutlook (E2O)
Best Feature Description:  E2O synchronizes your ECLIPSE® patient schedule to your Microsoft Outlook calendar, allowing you to view your entire calendar in one place.
Contact info:  1-877-226-0314

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