“I Don’t Have Enough Time”

The battle cry of so many chiropractors today seems to be, “I don’t have enough time!”  The funny thing about this statement is that everyone has exactly the same amount of time–24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Why is it that some people seem to accomplish so much, and others can barely boast about completing a few small tasks?  It all has to do with how you utilize your time and the results you choose to focus on during the time you have available. 
You need to focus on increasing your results with the same amount of, or less, effort.  One way to accomplish this is through improving your ability to complete a specific task.  You can improve your ability by developing a better understanding of time management.  Most people feel that they are already efficient with their time.  They have absolutely no idea how they could possibly fit one more activity into an already seemingly filled schedule.  The answer is simple.  If you improve your ability to perform your tasks, you will find that you have created more time.
In actuality, you are just managing the time you have always had in a more efficient manner. 
Two important factors to evaluate when seeking to improve your ability in any area are:
1. The organization of your systems
2. The training you possess for the specific jobs you are trying to accomplish
How would you go about improving these particular areas?  Start by examining the organization of the systems you currently have in place.  Look at the intended results of a specific system and determine if the system is accomplishing the task it was originally created to achieve.  If not, what has changed since the inception of this system?  Get back to the basic reason the system was created and take out any unnecessary steps.  Only keep the systems that are producing results with the least amount of time and effort.  Planning your time is critical because it dramatically reduces the chances of someone else’s planning your time with some “emergency”.
Consider your own daily system for completing tasks.  Most people waste time because of the inefficient way they plan their days.  The most efficient time management technique is a three-part system that includes a:
1. Master List
2. Production List
3. Top Five List

The Master List contains everything you would like to accomplish in the next month.  It is a strategic overview of your projects.  Your Production List is a daily listing of the specific tasks you would like to accomplish during that day.  The Top Five List is the most important five tasks that must be completed today.  Compile your Top Five List by taking five actions from your daily Production List and handwriting them on a large piece of paper prominently placed within easy view.  Focus your energy on this Top Five List.  Do not deviate from that list until all five items have been completed.  Once that is accomplished, fill out another top five items from your Production List.  By having a specific list of tasks, your attention is focused on the most important matters of the day.  It is easier to stay on track when your activities are already planned. 
The other important area of time management is training.  The better trained you are at a specific task, the more efficient you will become at completing that task.  The same holds true for your staff.  You should hold weekly training sessions for your entire staff.  Training topics should be taught and then reviewed on a regular basis.  This gives each staff member an opportunity to improve their value and become better at their specific jobs, including you. 
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